Selfie Sunday with Phoebe Again

Happy Sunday to all my loyal fans- this is Phoebe.  I love this blogging thing, I think Mom should let me take over for every day–as long as I get a dollar a day. I think us blogging cats need to unionize.

I had a rough week, it rained very hard one night. I am very afraid of rain, not of thunder and lightning, just the rain. Mom loves it because I sleep with her under the covers when it rains. The rest of the time, I am very busy at night getting drinks of water from the sink when mom gets up to use the bathroom. I also conduct secret meetings at night with the other kitties. I am quite busy.

002Whatch doin Phoebe? I’m writing a blog, Snowball. Tell everyone about the crazy maid that is always trying to pet me.

We don’t have a maid, Snowball- you mean mommy. You call her what you want, and I will call her maid.

Some kitties have been wanting to know what I am going to be for Halloween this year. I finally decided, I am going to be Elsa from the Frozen movie. My bestie Snowball is going to be Olaf and my other bestie, Prancie is going to be Anna.

Here is my selfie for the week 002Feel free to comment on my beauty.

Thank you Cat on My Head for hosting the hop:  Cat4

Have I ever told you about what a fantastic Grammie we have? She gets us all Christmas presents and individually wraps them. Plus she gives me dollars- I love my Grammie so very ,very much.

Here is my last year’s Halloween costume: blog3I was Rapunzel- pretty, huh?

SO who wants to join the union? The dues are one dollar–MOL.

PS: If you want a chance to win this: 005Vera Bradley purse and catnip mat then leave a comment- if you commented yesterday then you are entered. It is pink for breast cancer awareness month.

I’ll be back next Sunday-Love, Phoebe


Selfie Sunday with Phoebe Again

Happy Sunday everyone! It is Phoebe here again. We are supposed to take turns writing on Sunday, but Grammie paid me a dollar for last week’s post and I like making money. Plus I like everyone telling me how pretty I am, I know I am, but it is nice to hear. So I told my brothers and sisters how hard it is to write this so I will keep doing it for them ( shhh! don’t tell them).

Here is my selfie: 001 I am taking part in the Selfie Sunday Blog Hop hosted by:Cat4

My Dad calls me Phoebe the Fibber because I fib sometimes. I always get Dad to give me a snack around 3 PM , but sometimes he is out in the garden so Mom gives me a snack. When Dad comes in , I fib and tell him I haven’t had a snack yet so he gives me another one. It is OK to fib if food is involved, right? And dollars?


Here is one of my past Halloween costumes: blog1I was a flapper-pretty cute, huh? Mom just glued some feathers to a seguined headband and we borrowed the bottom of her niece’s dance costume for the fringe part.

I guess that is all for this week- I love you Grammie-very, very much ( she reads the blog ever day). And thanks to everyone who came to Joanie and Sammy’s party- they loved seeing everyone and having so many friends help celebrate. I’ll be back next Sunday ( I hope).