Phoebe Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! 010

Mom has been worrying about Lucy all week. We thank you all for purring and praying. She is eating, still not as much as she used to, but enough. We should have a call from the vet today about the blood work.

I am really getting sick of these Flat Cats. Mom took them to The Quabbin Reservoir the other day: 007 011For those of you that don’t know, The Quabbin  is where Boston gets it’s water from. It was built in the 1930’s – 4 towns were erased from Massachusetts they even moved cemeteries. I know all about it, but Mom has never taken me- phooey!

Mom also wrote all about the Flat Scouts:  

There are lots of flat cat photos- but none of flat me.

I did get to see my Grammie yesterday I love her so very much. 003We are going to be having lots of giveaways coming up, Mom got some Dr. Who fabric and pirate one too for catnip mats. I saw a bag of eyeballs too. See you Sunday!



Happy Monday everyone! Thank you all for the purrs and prayers for Lucy- they are definitely helping and I am very grateful fro everyone’s care and concern.

Monday is fun and games day. I think I have been having more fun than the cats. I have been having fun with Flat Madi and Sammy. 004They played Three Blind Mice on the piano. Sadly, I only recognized the first few notes because I haven’t taken a lesson in about 9 years.

006They enjoyed playing with the Frolicat Pounce that we won from Dezi ( ).

And as much as I prefer cats to babies, I have been enjoying shopping for my niece’s baby ( due October 28th). 002One is never too young to start training to be a cat lady 🙂


Madi Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day and we have been having lots of fun. Flat Cat Scout Madi was here all weekend. It was rainy so Joanie played Fish with her ( Madi won)

003Phoebe showed Madi her bulletin board of her purrince:002I hope we didn’t bore her.

Our friend Billy the Time Cat sent Phoebe and I a belated birthday gift. His Mom makes really cool items out of beads and she made us each a Dr. Who coaster:004She is very talented to do all the intricate work. My big fingers can’t even text with a cell phone. Here is the link to her Etsy store: . She crochets too and has some nice blankets for kitties.

A Purrincely Poem

Happy Thursday everyone!!! My purrince wrote me a poem and sent me a photo to cheer me up. He is the best !


 Title: Mee Eye Fur Phoebe
Sum wood say
yur thee appull of mee eye.
Sum wood say you meen thee werld to mee.
Sum wood say yur thee ‘yin’ to mee ‘yang’…..
Mee sayss yur thee Heart of mee eye!
Mee speshell eye iss just fur you….
an fur no one else.
Mee onlee has eyess fur you Phoebe,
sweet buttercup Beekeeni gurl.
Yur thee ONLEE Purrincess fur me.
Siddhartha Henry's heart eye 2014
I love my handsome poetic purrince!
Sammy is having a great time visiting Scouts- Maggie really warmed up to him:
flatsam4flatsam7He had a staring contest with Felix.
Then he went to visit Sammy ( ) There were a lot of other Scouts visiting too and Sammy K. and his folks showed them a great time:
FLATGROUP1 FLATGROUP2He is going to be coming home briefly before he heads off to see other Scouts .
Mom and Lucy are going to do a book giveaway tomorrow so be sure to stop by.
PS: Could you tell that was my flat Phoebe in the first photo?


Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day and we have lots of fun to report.

First off, Flat Sammy arrived to his first stop visiting with fellow Scouts, Maggie and Felix. Maggie wasn’t thrilled, but eventually she got used to him and Felix liked him. He kind of looks like a stalker in these photos 🙂  flatsam1 flatsam2 flatsam3He is headed to Sammy of One Spoiled Cat next then lots more places.

Our cat tree has some rough patches, but they are  perfect for tucking some fresh nip inside of: 002Tummies will be on display tomorrow! Have a great day!

Flat Thursday

Happy Flat Thursday everyone! I figured there is Fat Tuesday so why not Flat Thursday. Flat seems to be the in thing. Lots of bloggers brought flat cats to Blog paws and now Cat Scouts has a Flat Cats group that my brother Sammy belongs too.

I decided I should send a flat Phoebe to my purrince in his birthday package which is getting mailed today. Shhhhh! Don’t tell him about the flat me, he knows a package is coming, but he doesn’t know about that. Dad had to help because Mom cuts like a 5 year old, she blames it on being a lefty, but Grammie is a leftie and she knows how to use scissors. I love my Grammie so very much, maybe for Christmas I will make her a flat me. 015I figured I would go with the bikini for now and for Hanukkah/Christmas, I will send a different one. To make this, Mom printed out my photo and glued it to foam then Dad covered it in contact paper and cut it out. I want a full sized Phoebe to be my stand in when I don’t feel like posing so Mom is going to order one through Walgreens.

Boris’ Mom told us about Pancake Cats, but they cost $50 plus $15 for shipping so Walgreens it is. She is getting a flat Sammy too so he can visit his Cat Scout friends. Well, I am off to make sure Mom got everything in the package, I am sure he will show everyone his gifts when they arrive.