Happy Birthday Grammie!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day and we are all roaring for Grammie to have a happy birthday. I We love her so very much! 002

Look what I got her 005

Don’t forget to comment today to enter the eyeball themed giveaway. 037I will announce the winner tomorrow.

And thank you for your purrs and prayers for Millie and Spooky. Their bloodwork and blood pressure were good. They don’t need a recheck for 6 months.

Tummy and Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have a tortie and a tummy for you today, but first a medical update. I took Spooky and Millie to the vet yesterday. I held off as long as I could because neither travels well. Surprisingly, for the first time ever, Spooky didn’t poop in the carrier. Unfortunately, Millie did.

They both needed bloodwork for their hyperthyroid. And Spooky also needed his blood pressure taken to make sure he is on the correct dose of medicine. The tech told me it was 160 and the vet will call today after the thyroid tests come back.

Now for the tortie:009and the tummy:

010Well, a little tummy and a little toesies too.

Don’t forget to comment to enter the eyeball themed giveaway ( Phoebe will announce the winner on Thursday). 037