Happy Wednesday everyone! I was going to try a Wordless Wednesday post this week, but a fellow blogger needs help so I thought I would spread the word and do a ROAR. I am sure you all know the service cats, Dezi and Lexi. Well, Lexi is going to be needing some expensive medicine and her Mom is on a limited income. She has a donation button on her blog if anoyne wants to help: . Purrs and prayers are always appreciated too.

Today is the last day to enter the stuffed Grumpy cat giveaway. Phoebe will be announcung the winner tomorrow. She will also be asking me lots of questions for “Answer your cat’s questions day”- I hope I have some answers.

Have a nice day everyone!005

ROAR for Dezizworld

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sammy and Joanie want to thank everyone who came to their party- they had so much fun and feel so loved with so many friends. The winner of the nip mat and crocheted toys is: Marshwood Cottage- Congratulations!

They are especially proud of this card from Sammy of One Spoiled Cat:PILCHBIRTHDAY.jpgThank you Sammy. And Raz’s Rumblers from Cat Scouts had a party for him too: He was late for that party because his Mom is a dummy and couldn’t find the Den- sorry fellow Rumblers. They even made him a cake: What a great group, I am so glad I let him join. Now on to the ROAR of the week:

This week’s ROAR is for a fellow blogger, you probably already know about this, but just in case someone missed it.

Lexi and Dezi of Dezizworld along with their mom have been having a tough year. The apartment they live in was flooded by a broken pipe which caused lots of damages. Their poor Mom has had to fight to get everything repaired which should have been a given after what happened. Things are finally heading in the right direction so it would be nice if Lexi could get some steps as she is 15 and has trouble climbing up on the bed. Their Mom also needs a new chair as that is something that won’t get replaced by her landlord. I made a small donation and if everyone does, she will be sitting pretty- pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist. Here is the link to donate:

One more thing-for the month of October, we will be showing a photo of one of our kitties costumes from past years ( before we started blogging) to give you ideas for Halloween. Last year Joanie was 50 Shades of Gray:Halloween 2013 034We just got a bunch of paint cards from Lowes.