What Came First the Chicken or the Egg?

Hi everyone, today is medical issues day, but first: A very happy birthday to my mom! She is the best mom and kitty grammie ever.

About a month ago, I took a friend’s cat to the vet because he was losing weight. I had bloodwork done and it was pretty good, some numbers were a little off, but the vet thought it was dehydration that threw them off. After fluids, he started eating again and was fine until last week. This is T:


I took him to my home Saturday night and attempted to keep him hydrated with kitten milk in a syringe. I wanted to save him, but couldn’t afford an emergency vet. I took him today to my regular vet yesterday and was told he probably had kidney disease. I questioned whether his dehydration was from kidney disease or vice versa- what came first, the chicken or the egg? I know I am not a vet and she is probably correct being that he is 7 pounds and has dropped to 4 over the past year. He also has black gook all over his nose and mouth which is infected so I thought that may be why he didn’t want to eat.

My friend gave permission to euthanize ( she was at work), but I couldn’t do it .All weekend and on the way to the vet, I told him I would help him. They tested for FELV/FIV and that was negative. I am going to have them try IV antibiotics and fluids which could pull him through. My hubby is going to be mad when he finds out the cost, but I will have to deal with it. Whenever he gets mad about that I remind him we don’t have kids so he has saved lots of money that way.  Please pray for T, I am hoping he has a great improvement overnight. Even that could just be temporary.

I will keep you all posted on what came first and T’s condition. After that sad post, here is Halloween photo #3. Snowball as Olaf-from Frozen- as you can tell I used FotoFlexer. snowballsnowman