More sadness in The Cat Blogosphere this week. Cats of Wildcat Woods ( ) said good-bye to their sweet Ivy.

Ivy, Forever [Small]She was an inspiration to FIV cats everywhere, surviving for 17 years.

This week’s ROAR isn’t actually about cats, but I thought some of you may be interested. A while back, I told you about couponsfortroops:

It is a group anyone can join to send coupons to American service families that are stationed overseas. That group closed and a new one has taken over: . For the cost of a U.S. stamp, you can mail coupons to a family overseas. I always mail pet food ones as well as food and household products. All you need to do is go to the website and fill out a simple form, after that, they will send you the address of a family.

Congratulations to Pipo and Minko ( ) for being the first to get all 6 answers correct on the toxic/non-toxic plant quiz. They won a catnip ice cream cone and a chicken leg.

Phoebe will be here tomorrow with a new poem and photo of her purrince.