Not So Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone! We have lots of photos from Moo’s first stop to show you. First though, I want to tell you about a Go Fund Me my friend started for his friend whose cat, Buttons needs surgery on his leg or it will need to be amputated.  If you donate $15 , I will send you some catnip toys ( US only, sorry). And if you donate $50, he will design a badge or photo for you. He designed my blog logo and our fill-in badges. In addition, I will also send you catnip toys. If you do donate, let me know in the comment section and I will contact you. Thank you!

And here are photos from Moo’s first stop at Cat Scout Charles’ home.

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Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Hi everyone!  I know I look a little funny, but these earmuffs really do help block out the sound of Mom’s caterwauling singing Christmas music. 100_9919

Speaking of Christmas, I got my first card already and it is from my Purrince.

100_9921 Sorry, I blocked his photo, I was kissing him.

My shades made it to Cat Scout Charles and we thank his Mom for this photo. charles

They still have a lot more places to go so don’t worry if you signed up, they will get to you- someday.

I haven’t seen my Grammie since Wednesday. I love her so very much, I hope I see her soon.

Have any of you ever heard of Festivus? It was started on Seinfeld, my Mom loves to watch that show even though she has seen every episode a bazillion times. 100_9922

I am thinking of having a Festivus party. We would get to air our grievances about our folks and then have a feats of strength contest with a pole. Is anyone interested? It would be on December 23rd.

And the winner of our my Thanksgiving giveaway for a catnip mat, crocheted turkey leg and pilgrim hat is It’s All About the Cats!  Congratulations!

We are joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.


Selfie Sunday with Joanie


Happy Sunday everyone! Phoebe is still on vacation- we wonder when she will be back home. I is filling in today because I was promised lots of treats. I Love treats! I love Grammie too except she is always yelling at me and calling me Piggy. My name is Joanie, that is Grammie’s name too! Sorry I squinted for my selfie. I is not used to selfies, I am the Tummy Tuesday kitty.

My brudder is still traveling, but I still see him here too- he always chases me. Dad says Sammy is an angler fish because he meows like a kitten in distress and I always check on him then he pounces on me. He is a lot bigger than me, he is 20 pounds and I am about 12- and Grammie calls me Piggy??

Here are some photos from Sammy’s visit to his friend Charles’ home.

Chatting CharlesVisiting with Charles AmberBityAmber thought he looked good enough to eat- MOL!  Down slideSammy went on a slide. Under DryerHe got a little wet so he had to dry off.

He climbed a tree and went on a swing. Up Tree InSwingReady to napThen he spent more time with Charles. Charles is a handsome guy and a great host according to Sammy ( I says he is handsome,Sammy says he is a great host).

Phoebe sent a postcard: beach

Now where are those treats I was promised?

Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I will announce the winner of the book and some catnip toys at the end of this post.012 014Sammy stole my favorite spot so I took his.

Mom and Dad have decided to have supper in the dining room because for some reason they don’t enjoy this: 006Do you see a problem with this?

My Grammie is going to watch us tomorrow so Mom and Dad can go to the movies. I am very excited, I love her so very, very much.

Mom wrote about Millie in The Daily Mews:

And Lou Belcher’s blog:

asked for people to fill in the sentence ” You know you live with a crazy cat lady when ______________________ and Mom’s answer will be featured on his blog, we will post the cartoon here on Monday.

Please pray for my Purrince and his Mum, they could use prayers and purrs right now.

And the winner of the book and some catnip toys will Cat Scout Charles-Congratulations!!! He doesn’t have a blog, but you can find him on Facebook :