Toesie Tuesday and More

Happy Tuesday everyone! Joanie refused to show her tummy again, but she gave me a toesie shot. Yesterday I listed several cat bloggers with merchandise for sale , if I forgot you, please let me know and I can add you in. Today I am listing books by several cat bloggers and I hope I don’t miss anyone. Most are on Amazon so just click the Amazon near the author you want to look up to go to their Amazon books.

Sammy of One Spoiled Cat’s Mom has written an excellent mystery as well as 2 wonderful children’s books. Amazon has most of them

Feeling Beachie’s Hilary Grossman has 2 excellent reads also on Amazon -one is a memoir and the other is fiction.

Athena Cat Goddess’ Mum has written many fiction books, I have read several and loved them all. Amazon

Summer’s predecessor Sparkle had 2 books Amazon and her human has Rescued which I think everyone knows about and would make the perfect gift for any cat lover Amazon

Purrseidon the water loving kitty has a Mom who has written many fiction and science fiction/fantasy books. I love The Sea Purrtector Files series. Amazon

Basil the Bionic Cat has his own book and his Mom has written many others Amazon

Deborah Barnes has 2 books that I have on my list to Santa, you can purchase them on her Chronicles of Zee and Zoey blog

Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat has several cat books including a new one all about Torties Amazon

 Daily Dose of Dogs ( aka Cats with your Coffee) Amazon

Bailey the Boat Cat  Amazon

Lou Belcher has a fun alphabet book Amazon

Lola: Diary of a Rescued Cat  you can buy an autographed copy through their blog

Ann of McGuffy’s Reader has a children’s book and a poetry book on Amazon

Cat Mom at The CatPostIntelligencer has several fiction books Amazon

Psychokitty Max has Bite Me his memoir as well as several others on Amazon

Avalon by Vanessa Morgan is available on Amazon ( 50%royalties to shelters)

Stunning Keisha’s Aunt Pauline writes Fantasy and Cat Stories here is her link

Paul Magrs, Fester’s Dad, has a new book Amazon

And now for those toesies :010

Don’t forget our Hanukkah giveaway- comment today and/or tomorrow for a chance to win:

012Phoebe will announce the winner Thursday.

Book Recommendations

Hi everyone! Today is book recommendation day, but first a reminder. I am sure you are all planning to stop by at Sparkle’s memorial service/commentathon, but in case someone didn’t know about it, I thought I would post it.

I got the book, I Could Pee On This by Francesco Marciuliano for my birthday. Lucy seems to think it is hers which is fine as long as she doesn’t pee on it. She is recommending it today: 009

I am recommending the book I was going to recommend for Dr. Who week because it is by an author from the UK. Sir Patrick Moore was an astronomer who hosted a TV series, The Sky at Night, but he was also a cat lover. He wrote a book about many of the cats he had over his lifetime. The book came out in 2012, a few months before his passing. Here is a link for it:

Starting Monday, we will be having a back to school themed week and another contest.

Now I am off to Sparkle’s Memorial.


Contest, Cat Books and My Trip to IKEA

Friday already- hello to my loyal readers and welcome to new ones. My trip to IKEA went well,but I am beginning to doubt my sanity. Almost everything I bought was for the cats. I would never buy furniture in there, I look for that on Craigslist because it will be cheaper and assembled. 007This is Joanie and Lucy checking out the loot. I got a fleece throw for $1.99, toy mice and a rat ( not sure why those are in the children’s toys), a frame  and a hook that looks like a cat’s butt.

Now for books: I have 2 for you and Lucy has one. 005Lucy is a fan of French Cats Don’t Get Fat, that may be true, but my cats are all rather plump 🙂 I am recommending another older one : . The Cat Who Traveled the World by Chris Wren is about a cat who went overseas with her foreign correspondent owner and their adventures.

Now that I am taking a class on illustrating children’s books, I have been looking for books on drawing cats.  In case you want to find your inner artist or just draw your cats then Draw 50 Cats by Lee J. Ames is a good choice: .

And last, but not least-the contest: I am giving away a set of 2 mice and a snake ( from IKEA) along with a laser pointer ( not pictured): 008Just comment today, tomorrow or Sunday and you will be entered. I will announce a winner on Monday- Good luck and have a nice weekend.