The $400 Feral

Hi everyone! Yesterday was vet day. I dropped Daryl the Feral off at the vet in the morning then I went to the dermatologist with my hubby. When we got back, I had to bring Spooky and Millie to their appointments. I had all 3 for the ride home. I must say, Daryl is a perfect passenger, he didn’t meow or poop. Millie sings the song of his people for the entire 20 minute ride and as an added bonus, he poops. Spooky ended up vomiting and pooped as soon as we got there.

When I brought Daryl in to the shelter to get fixed, he had wounds which is why he is quarantined. That wound turned out to go all the way through his neck and was very infected. He now has a drain until Thursday. I had him get the Convenia because I didn’t think I would be able to get the pill in him twice a day. He does have pain meds that taste good so he had no problem eating that with his dinner. They sedated him because it was painful for him so he was getting upset, but overall, he is not that wild.

DSCF0635 I took this photo on Sunday, I think he will be wearing a hat in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I also had him FELV/FIV tested and he is negative.

Spooky and Millie were both due for thyroid blood work. Spooky wasn’t eating much over the weekend so I wanted him to get an exam too. My husband noticed Spooky is always so tired after his meals and figured he was getting too much blood pressure medicine. He was right because Spooky;s bp was on the low end of normal -it should have been quite high because he gets so upset in the car. They gave him fluids and he ate quite a bit tonight. We are waiting for his blood test results. We are also waiting for Millie’s tests too. They both had the senior panel because it comes out cheaper than doing an individual thyroid test.

I wonder why the shelter didn’t offer an antibiotic for Daryl’s wound? I wonder if he would have died if he had been released?


Tummy and Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have a tortie and a tummy for you today, but first a medical update. I took Spooky and Millie to the vet yesterday. I held off as long as I could because neither travels well. Surprisingly, for the first time ever, Spooky didn’t poop in the carrier. Unfortunately, Millie did.

They both needed bloodwork for their hyperthyroid. And Spooky also needed his blood pressure taken to make sure he is on the correct dose of medicine. The tech told me it was 160 and the vet will call today after the thyroid tests come back.

Now for the tortie:009and the tummy:

010Well, a little tummy and a little toesies too.

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