Cat Scout Felix Friday

Happy Friday everyone! We are very lucky to have Cat Scout Felix as our special guest today.

33-Felix   Greetings everybody!  Today I thought I’d share some information about cat-related museums overseas.  Worth a journey, I think!

The Kuching Cat Museum in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia houses a collection of over 4000 objects devoted to every aspect of cat history, lore and art.  Its collections were transferred to the City from a private collection, and were first exhibited in Kuala Lumpur in 1987.

       Kuching cat museum                 Cat Museum building

This museum is the world’s largest museum devoted to cats.

From the Beckoning Cats (“Maneki Neko” to Hello Kitty, there is something here for every cat lover!

Beckoning Cat

Next is the Katten Kabinet in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  It is an art museum featuring mixed media works depicting cats.  Some very famous artists are represented, including Picasso, Rembrandt and others. The museum is housed in a 17th century townhouse in the banking district.  Its founder and his 5 cats are still in residence.  The cats wander throughout the exhibit areas, and seem very cozy!

    Kattenkabinetposter          Mona Lisa Cat

The Museum was founded in 1990 by Bob Meijer in memory of his departed cat, J.P. Morgan!  Definitely worth a visit when you’re in Northern Europe.kattenkabinetinteriorNext time Maggie will tell you about some American cat museums!

Guest Post by Cat Scout Felix

Happy Friday everyone and Happy May 1st. I am sad to see the a-z challenge end- I wish there were more letters in the alphabet. We are lucky to have a guest post today from Cat Scout Felix.

33-Felix-Hat Greetings! Felix here again to share a wonderful story that combines kitty and maritime history!  Did you know that in Amsterdam, rescued stray cats are sheltered and cared for in several barges floating in the Singel Canal, in the center of the City?

The barges are a major tourist attraction, and are open part of each day to potential adopters and tourists who support the cause. The first barge was acquired in 1969 and named De Poezenboot (Pussycat Boat) by its owner and cat lover, Henriette van Weelde. She wanted to provide a home for orphaned and sick kitties in the city. At first, her rescues stayed in her home, but soon she had too many!

de-poezenbootIn 1971, Henriette purchased a second barge. Soon she acquired another barge and lots of volunteers started to offer their help.

   2014-02-20-13-53-04-690x690 catboat4-690x460
In 1987, the Stichting de Poezenboot (Pussycat Boat Foundation) was established to support the rescue, medical and caregiving activities of this only floating kitty shelter in The Netherlands. The barges are renovated and maintained for seaworthiness and cat comfort and amusement.  Veterinarians provide care at cost or on a voluntary basis.  Events are held throughout the year to publicize the Foundation and its inhabitants!

If you travel to Amsterdam, be sure to visit and make a donation to this worthy cause. It is estimated that the city has over 50,000 stray cats!  Check out their cool website, too!                                                                                             logo-de-poezenboot-gr





I’d also like to share with you a story that appeared earlier this week in the Smithsonian Institution’s on-line Magazine. It features more information about maritime pets! 

Thank you for another great story Felix.

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Thank you Funny Farmers- it was an honor to be interviewed by you.