Massage Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Joanie says thank you all for being so welcoming to her when she wrote the blog yesterday.Today is fun and games day and Joanie wants to thank with a giveaway so we are going to play a trivia game and whoever wins will get this book:002How to Massage Your Cat by Alice Brock. It is a spoof so if you win, don’t actually follow the directions in the book. I will also include some crocheted catnip toys too. Now lets get to the trivia:

1. What is Alice Brock’s claim to fame?

2. Skogkatt is another name for what breed of cat?

3. Which scientist/mathematician is credited with inventing the cat door?

4. Which city did the first cat show take place (in 1871)?

5.Which British Prime Minister had a cat that regularly attended cabinet meetings?

The first person to get all 5 correct wins- if by the end of the day no one has, whoever has the most correct wins- I am sure someone will get them all though being that the information is right at your fingertips.

A couple weeks ago Lou Belcher made a cartoon with our caption and this week he did another one ( I had sent in 2 when he was looking for captions):

0004CCLsm This sure does look like our house 🙂

And Sammy is having a great time at King Meiko’s now: kingmeikokingmeiko1And his next stop is Dezi and Lexi. Joanie will be showing off her tummy tomorrow.