Snapshot Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone! We are participating in 3 hops today. First is Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. It snowed here yesterday and I tried to make a mini snowman with the kitties, but the snow was too powdery.Then I remembered I had posted photos on Facebook of one we made in 2011:

lucysnowmanLucy let him borrow her scarf and beret. Then we added the end of a carrot and some buttons. I think that can be our “art”.

And for the 52 Snapshots of Life weekly challenge hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull we have “music”. 003I ordered this keyboard cat scratcher for Christmas when I saw it recommended in Country Living magazine. It was $12 plus shipping at, but I was clever and bought it from Nordstrom online for the same price, but they have free shipping all the time. I am glad that is all I paid for it because it isn’t holding up well after only a couple scratches. Joanie is “playing” it here, but Sammy needs some lessons: 001

Have a nice day everyone and please stop by to visit Phoebe tomorrow.

Caturday ArtPet Parade with Rascal and Rocco52 Snapshots of Life

22 Years as a Cat Owner

Happy Friday everyone! Today is book day and I have a great book to recommend. Lucy is not going to review a book today, she is just going to show us her Halloween costume: 007. Lucy loves Grumpy Cat so I made her a mask.

My recommendation is another book by Marie Symeou, A Forever Home For Athena. Here is the link: You all know Athena Cat Goddess, but do you know about her humble beginnings? I loved this book because it gives us a cat’s view of being in the shelter. I also love that it promotes adopting from shelters.

It broke my heart that Athena and her sister weren’t adopted together. I pray her sister got a great home like Athena did. It also made me think of my Joanie and Sammy, there was a third sibling that was gone before I got to them.They were almost 4 when I got them so I always feel like they miss him or her. If you haven’t had a chance to read this, then be sure and add it to your to read list.

Today is our 22 year wedding anniversary so in a way it is my 22 year anniversary as a cat owner too because I didn’t have a cat until I became hubby’s kitty’s mom in 1992. weddingMy niece that got married last year was the flower girl. And this was us 2 years ago in NYC by the LOVE statue: 033One of the kitties made us a lovely gift in the bathroom this morning. A Jackson Pollock in poop, I assume one of them stepped wrong in the litter box and shook it off- yuck. Have a great day everyone! And I hope you had a better start to your day.