Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Joanie had her second surgery yesterday and the vet is pretty confident that she got it all as she cut wider and deeper ( poor Joanie). I am still having the tissue sent out to be sure. I can’t believe it costs $171 just to check it . I am not a scientist so I just don’t know why that part is so costly. It is more than the actual surgery ( including meds and anesthesia).

Thursday is behavior day and I know cats are very sensitive to smell which can cause them to attack a resident cat that has been to the vet. Last week when I picked up Joanie, the vet tech told me to rub her with a towel or blanket that other cats had slept on. I told her that I wouldn’t need to do that, my kitties are sweet. And sure enough, they all recognized her when she got home. She is part of the main 8 that are in the main living area of the house. We have several zones and I know some of the others have hissed at others on return from the vet.

I wonder why some are not bothered at all and others are? They can all see and should be able to know that is their sibling. I am proud of most of mine though for not being bullies.

We are joining Pepismart dog’s blog hop:, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centricI am thankful Joanie got through both surgeries. I am also thankful for such a supportive group of readers and fellow bloggers who purred and prayed.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Hope they got it all on Joanie’s surgery this time. That is really scary. I think probably the outside cats would be more sensitive to different smells than the inside ones, since they come across so many different smells. It is great that all yours get along so well. Most of the ones here get along too that stay together all the time.

  2. We’re so glad Joanie got through the surgeries. That’s a relief. We hope she feels better soon! 🙂 It’s wonderful that all of your cats get along so well. Have a PAWSOME Thursday! 😀 xx Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  3. Lots of purrs for Joanie and paws crossed for good results.

    As for hissing post-vet, only once has that happened in our house, after Nicki’s second routine dental two (?) summers ago. Derry hissed at him all evening, night and half the next day, it was very untoward! So we’re glad everyone in your house is okay, no bullies. (To clarify, Derry’s the submissive one, Nicki is the bully, which is why it was so bizarre!)

    Purrs and peace.

    1. I guess Derry was scared because of the smell, just a guess though-one never knows what a cat is thinking.

  4. Weez so glad to hear good news ’bout Joanie, and glad she wuz accepted back immediately. And yep, we can see ow furmily member but we go on smell and not sight. You know yous can’t always believ what you see. So when you don’t smell like furmily then it’s just pawssible yous might be a wolffy in cats fur. And of course yous smell sick. And we cats don’t wanna look weak in any way cuz we wanna be top purredator. As fur da scientists, weez not know why they need to charge so much eevew. It’s not like they do anyfin’. They just dab it on a little piece of glass or dish and walk away fur a foo days and come back to look and see ifin it grew anyfin’. Seems to me they shuldn’t chawge much at all. After all even wiff black fumms yous kuld do dat. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. That is a good point that you can’t trust what you see. I do wish vet expenses were less expensive. Hope you are having a nice day and get your dinner on time.

  5. Sparkle used to get downright violent when Binga or Boodie came home from the vet clinic – so much so, that my human wound up bringing her along every time the other two went for a check up. So she was really relieved when Boodie had a dental the other day and I didn’t care when she came back. I was just glad to see her! I go away a lot on short trips to the vet, or longer ones to cat shows, and the other two are always happy to see me return.

    1. I guess it depends on the kitty. You are such a laid back kitty that nothing seems to bother you.

  6. We are glad things went so well with Joanie’s surgery, and send lots of healing purrs and prayers for her speedy and full recovery.

    How great that your clowder is so harmonious and well-behaved! 🙂

    1. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Prices in Western, Mass are a lot cheaper than other areas, but so are wages in general so it balances out.

  7. Glad the surgery went well and hope the tissue test result is good.
    When Eric was ill several years ago and had to have anaesthetic, Flynn hissed at him and then ignored him for a full 2 weeks. It was sad to see how puzzled Eric looked at Flynn’s behaviour.
    The Meezers mum said to rub baby talc onto both their backsides next time he had to go, and sure enough it worked.

    1. Thank you for that tip, if I ever have a problem I will try that. That is sad that Flynn ignored poor sick Eric for 2 weeks.

  8. We’re glad all went well for Joanie. Wally is the only cat here that has issues when another cat comes home from the vet. So now when Ernie goes to the vet, Wally has to go along for the ride. And it seems to work out well.

    1. That is a good idea. Flynn’s mom ( of 2DevonCats) suggested powder on both butts, I am going to try that if I ever have a problem.

  9. I’m glad things seem to have gone well with Joanie. I’m just sorry she had to go through that. I hope she’s recovering well. Hugs to her!

    Yes, scent is such a powerful thing with cats. Hard to understand.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I felt awful making her go through a second surgery where they cut a lot more, but it is better than letting it spread.

  10. I think it’s the stinky vet office smells, and the smell of kitty stress that triggers the others to get upset. My kitties got snitty with each other when one came back from the vet – so I’ve taken both on occasion just so they both have the experience together and no one gets hissy at the one who is returning home. That’s easy to do for a wellness exam, but not possible when a procedure is involved.

    I’m glad the vet thinks she got all the tumor. Pathology is expensive – tissue prep, a pathologist reviewing the slides…it all means $$$. But just think how much they’d charge a human for the same thing!

    1. A lot of people seem to take both cats to the vet to avoid problems. I am glad mine have been good because I couldn’t cart everyone to the vet 🙂 Flynn’s mom said putting powder on both bums helps.

  11. Poor Kitty hope Joanie get healed up fast. So sad for pet when they are sick they can’t tell us how they are feeling. So get well soon pretty Kitty !!!

    1. Thank you. She took her last pain med dose this morning, but it is such a large incision that I hope she won’t be hurting later today.

  12. I can’t bear thinking she will possibly hurt. I pray she has healed enough to keep the pain down to a manageable proportion. Poor dearest little girl.

  13. Sending more healing purrz to Joanie. I’m playing catch-up with blogs tonight. Over here, it costs $200 just to walk into the vet’s office.

    1. Yikes, I guess I should consider myself lucky being that I have 15 cats and go to the vet quite often.

  14. So happy that Joanie’s second surgery was a success. Hope the tissue report shows nothing to be worried about. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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