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Hi everyone! We haven’t had a guest post in a while so let’s welcome Felix back!

33a--Felix-Cougar-Hat-Nov-2  Howdy, everybody!  Today I’d like to talk about “community cats” and ways we can all help make their lives better.  These cats are sometimes referred to as feral, but if they live in “colonies,” they’re really community kitties.  

Many of you probably already do rescue and rehabilitation or fostering work, but as you know, Spring brings lots of litters and so many more of our compatriots who need help and nurturing.  Community cats can live decent and long lives if they are properly cared for, and because they are taken care of by groups of people, they are more socialized than feral cats who are often single and solitary creatures who are wary of human contact.  220px-Feral_cat_with_clipped_earAlleyCatAllies

There are several national organizations that offer educational programs and assistance to communities wishing to start a local TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) Program.  Some of these have local state or city offices that can assist interested groups in setting up a community cat program.  They can also offer advocacy advice on how to work with your state and local governments to pass legislation favorable to TNR programs.  

These programs have been successful across the country, and one that you might like to check out is the ORCATS in Key Largo, FL.  The Ocean Reef Club (hence, ORCATS) has an incredible community cat program at the north end of the island.

Residents of this community funded a hospital and sheltering program for their large “feral” population, and their cats are very lucky, indeed!  They are fed and nurtured by all of the residents of the Ocean Reef community, and they have veterinary care and play/fostering. .ORCATS1  OCATS2


This successful program reduced the local feral population from 2000 cats to 500!

Best Friends in Utah was one of the earliest proponents of TNR, and along with the ASPCA in New York City and Alley Cat Allies in Bethesda Maryland, offers assistance to groups wishing to start a local TNR program. All of these organizations have state representatives ready to help you learn more, or start your own community cat program!

They also offer webinars and on-line information kits about getting involved in your community.  Go ahead and get involved!

Thank you for an excellent post Felix! Alley Cat Allies is one of my favorite groups.







  1. Excellent post, Felix! We are so glad there are such great organizations leading the way to caring for awesome community cats.

  2. Jackson Galaxy did a program on this topic. Having my experiences, one concern that I have is re-vaccinating the cats. The diseases are so easily passed. Vaccinating once is not enough.And rabies is on the rise.

    I wish people who spay/neuter. Rehoming these guys is not always an option, as many are truly feral. They have so many valid reasons to trust only their own kind.

    It makes me so sad. People just don’t get it. We are supposd to care. Hugs.

    1. I feel so bad for those that are truly feral. My friend’s step-dad was going to move some that were coming in his yard and I told on him- needless to say my friend doesn’t talk to me much anymore. XO

  3. ORCATS did a great job! My human always gets so mad at people who claim that TNR does not work – because it does!

  4. That is one fantastic post Felix. That is our favorite subject. the community cats need all the help they can get. And the feral cats do make wonderful pets once they learn to trust their caretakers. They need as much love as our regular cats.

    1. One of my favorite subjects too. I am amazed at how far my feral, Brody has come in 2 months.

  5. Great post, Felix! I have some stray/feral cats that hang around my neighborhood, and often in my back yard. I feed them and provide them shelter, and I have been considering looking into trapping and neutering at least one that I see is in need of it. Thank you for sharing such great information on this cause, Felix!

    1. That is very sweet of you. Most shelters will loan you a trap, they hold a deposit from $25-50 , but you get it back when you return the trap.

  6. Everyone who loves cats needs to know everything they can about TNR! Talk it up with your friends, co-workers and family. Education is key. Good post, Felix!

    1. Alley Cat Allies offers a lot of great resources to spread the word.

  7. So many are doing so much for our four legged friends. It’s a wonderful thing to read about.

    Have a purrfect day Felix. ☺

    1. There are a lot of people that help, more are always needed though.

    1. Very sad that it isn’t everywhere, there would be so many less homeless cats.

  8. Great posty. Altho’ thinkin’ ’bout all those kitties dat have to live outside makes us cry, we purray fur them everyday and ask God to send peeps their way to take good care of them.

    Luv ya’


    1. That is a good point, but many people do make little shelters for them. I also pray for all strays and ferals daily. XO

  9. felix ~~~~~~ waves two ewe…..a total awesum post two day….

    we sendz 100 bazillion high paws two Ocean Reef….de kittehz ther iz veree blessed……

    984 paws crossed all communitee catz can bee az fortunate ♥♥♥♥

  10. A friend, who lives in a rural area of Central Texas ‘claims’ a small cat colony in addition to her own 3. She traps and neuters, as well as names, feeds and provides a place to shelter in foul weather… she also gives them the option of becoming indoor cats, but most prefer the life they were born to.
    Perhaps if more of us took the responsibility for our own little corner, in a decade or so this wouldn’t be an issue.

    1. That is so true, if everyone did help the ones in their area it would be much better for the kitties.

  11. What a great guest Post! Thanks Cat Scout Felix! RAPS (who we is donating the comment-a-thon money to) has a cat sanctuary, which is much like community cats, but there are feral cats there too.

    1. You are so sweet to donate to RAPS Nellie, so many kitties need help. XO

  12. We LOVE the ORCATS story and progress! And we help support our local Feral Cat Coalition, have helped ever since they helped us help our angel brother Cameron and his family back in 1999! Thank you for this awesome guest post!

  13. Thanks for this great post, Felix. We’re so glad there’s groups like ORCATS and Alley Cat Allies that take care of community cats.

    1. I hate to think of how many homeless cats there would be if these groups did not exist.

  14. Thanks for such a great post Felix! We’re grateful for organizations that help kitties like this! We hadn’t heard of ORCATS before either so we appreciate your post!

  15. Dear 15 and Meowing Followers, Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to my post. This just goes to show that cats and their peeps are in the vanguard of helping others find new homes, new hope and new horizons!

    Keep the faith and keep on helping your community kitties and TNR organizations!!

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