Hi everyone! Thank you for all the kind words you left on my blog and Facebook page for the loss of KaTwo. We miss her very much. I am back blogging, but I don’t know for how long because now Millie is getting sicker. He now has several mast cell tumors all over his body. I know cats only live for a short time compared to us, but it really stinks when they all get sick so close together. There is no time to heal our hearts in between. I will try to stay positive though. I am hoping predinisolone can help him.

Last Sunday, a mere 12 hours after KaTwo left us ,I got a phone call about a cat. The same lady that brought me Trouble caught another stray and needed a warm place for her until she could get fixed. I believe everything happens for a reason so I think this sweet girl is meant to be mine even though my hubby immediately reminded me that we don’t need anymore cats. I know that and I am not trying to replace KaTwo, but there is some reason she ended up with me.

I am bringing her to get fixed hopefully this week ( weather permitting) and FELV/FIV tested. If she is healthy and gets along with other cats then she will have a forever home here. She lets me pick her up and purrs her little head off. Any name suggestions?

Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays.

Penny will be here tomorrow with more money saving tips for the holidays.



  1. Don’t ask my human for names because she is terrible at them! I’m glad I came with mine already in place. The new kitty does look like a sweetheart, though.

  2. Oh my, that new cat is really pretty and looks like a keeper! I’m not too swift at coming up with names nowadays. I sure hope the prednisolone helps Millie.

  3. I hope Millie will be okay and know you will comfort him as long as possible 🙏
    The new cat is a true sweetie 💕

  4. We also believe that she was send to you, miss Ellen and the first name that came up immediately when we saw her was Lisa (without Mona 😉 because she has that smile and dreamy eyes😺We hope you’ll have Millie for a much longer time with you and send Healing Pawkisses especially for her. Soft Pawkisses for a Happy Healthy day to all of you🐾😽💞

  5. We are sending lots of purrs to Millie.
    The new kitty looks quite pretty and we purr the tests are good and she enjoys her place with you 🙂
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  6. I continue to keep Millie in my thoughts and hope the Pred. will help him.
    The kitty looks so sweet. She also looks healthy so I hope her vet visit goes well.
    She does have a lovely smile so I think Little Binky’s suggestion is better than any I can come up with.

  7. We are so sorry about KaTwo and of course Millie. When you have a lot of older kitties with medical problems I think it kind of follows that you will have a lot of sorrow to come….but that’s what friends are for! We will always be here for you. The new kitty is totally gorgeous. I’m glad she’s friendly – she knew where to come for help and shelter – I’m sure KaTwo told her you would give her a home she could trust. Lisa is a nice name for her – or Julie (her eyes look like jewels). I think SHE will tell you her name!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. Thank you. Lisa and Julie are pretty names. Everyone has given me so many ideas to choose from. XO

  8. We’re sending purrs and prayers for Millie.

    We agree with the others, this little beauty was sent to you by KaTwo. We’re bad at names but agree with Teddy, she’ll tell you her name!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. LOL …. the candy names like Snickers seem good to me!!
    (says home of Skittles, Chunky & Twix)
    I’ve missed you!! Sending hugs and purrs!!

  10. Oh meow is me Ms. Ellen. Katsu and I continue to purray hard for Millie, but think KaTwo will make a wonderful guardian angel. Purrhaps that is why the beautiful calico arrived… Possibly Cali until she lets you know her true name.

  11. I agree with you that she was brought to you for a reason! The way you described her loving personality, the picture and she is a gift given you by God, my suggestion is to call her Precious because all of this is just Precious! 😀

  12. We are so sorry to hear about the loss of KaTwo and Millie’s illness. We have been away from blogs and social media for a bit. Your new girl is just beautiful. We had a calico named Sparkey for 14 years. She was a little princess.
    Love and hugs, Ellen.

  13. Caramel. Because of her colors. She’s adorable.

    Prayers for Millie.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Ellen. Scritches to all your kitties. ♥

  14. You have such a wonderful heart. There is a special place for you in heaven for how you care for these fur babies. She is beautiful and I hope all the tests come out negative. I’m sorry to hear about Millie and hope she holds on for a long time. Our hearts never completely heal though, do they? xoxo

  15. It is so hard to lose a furbaby, I am so sorry. The timing for your new little one could not be more appropriate, my try at a name would be ‘Hope’.

  16. Keeping Millie in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t think of a name right now, it took me ages to name mine:) She is adorable…very pretty markings.

  17. How about Miss Purrfect? Or just Missy? Sorry about your kitties KaTwo and now Millie being sick. It is always far too soon as I now only too well. Take care!

  18. millie; dood. st francis’ blessings two ewe…knot just two day; but all wayz ~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. N how bout Faith; which iz kinda like fate…sorta kinda….all most ! 🙂 ♥♥

  19. You will never replace KaTwo in your heart – but KaTwo might say that another cat in need could be helped just as she was.

    When they are near in age, it is hard to stave off the inevitable. Purrayers and POTP.

  20. Purring for Millie!
    This sweet kitty is a beauty, and we all hope that she tests negative to those bad things, and will have her furrever home with you!
    The other comments mention candy bars, but what about ‘Candy’?

  21. I’m so sorry to hear about Millie. I do hope his health improves. Sending healing thoughts his way. This must be a really difficult time for you, so sending hugs for you.

    That is such a beautiful cat. Being so friendly, I wonder if she was abandoned. People tend to do that. 🙁

    And she’s a calico! Calicos are very social and love their humans. How lonely it must have been for her living a stray’s life. I do hope it works out and she has a forever home with you. She’ll certainly have won the lottery for that.

    Now here’s my weird name contribution: Purrly (I was going to say Pearly, but she is a cat…haha). Yeah, I know, silly name 🙂

  22. Oh, this is just the distraction you need while you try to heal your heart, especially when things are still tough. She is beautiful. She reminds me of a cat my sister used to have, but now I can’t think of her name! I’ll come back if I remember. 🙂

  23. Candy is a sweet name. Sorry about the pun. ~groan~ It came to mind upon typing. Heh… At any rate, Candy was my aunt’s dog who birthed our first family pet, Tina. Hugs to you and prayers for Millie. What a painful year. ~hugs~ Be well, my dear.

  24. I have a name suggestion. How about Miss Kitty? Name her after Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke… I think. Present is a good name too. Like she is a Present to you.
    Prayers and Purrs to you and Millie.

  25. Some other names Mom and I thought of are Cali, Cute Stuff, Cutie Pie, Muffin, Miss Kitty, Cupcake, Fluffy, Present, Cutie Pie, Vanilla, Fancy, Queen B.

  26. Here’s praying Millie makes it through the holidays, and a bit more.

    Around here, only the children come up with names for the animals, and none of them are here at the moment to suggest anything.

  27. TBT: I certainly hope you will continue posting. I understand that you tend to rescue a lot of cats and it may seem almost that you are managing a hospice sometimes, but you have shown your love and care for so many.

    I will be in the same situation not so many years from now. The Mews are aged 9-12. Not that that is so old and I don’t have so many cats, but time passes. My thought is to adopt older cats and give them love and comfort in their final years. Kittens are so sweet, but by the time the Mews have left for the Bridge, I may not be sure I will be around to care for one in its own elder years.

    But I have also been thinking about names for your new one. To honor KaTwo, might “Everest” be a good name? Or “Hillary” for the Everest climber. Or perhaps, for all the colors, “Palette” (which gives both “pal” for friend and “ette for female. Or along the color line, “Georgia O’Keeffe”, “Vincat Van Gogh”, or “Meownarda De Vinci”. And I found a white/black/orange painting by an artist “Virgis”.

    I hope that gives some ideas…

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I like the idea of adopting older cats, especially as they are less likely to be adopted.
      I like all these name choices- I like Meownardo De Vinci if she were a boy.

  28. Oh, I can’t believe you are now facing serious issues with Millie too! I’d like to help you by saying that mast cell tumors are not a death sentence. Has your veterinarian removed them yet? Sometimes that’s all it takes in cats but sometimes they need chemotherapy as well. I wish you well and hope Millie is better soon.

    1. Thank you. He has so many that it would be possible to remove them and he has heart issues which would make putting him under very risky. We hope Benadryl can control them. XO

  29. Sending healing purrz to Millie. Aunt Pauline’s neighbors used to bring all the cats they found to her. She had 6 at one time in a small NY apartment. TW is terrible about names. I went through about 4 of them. How about either DeDe for December or Mitzi cos that’s the name of the cat adopted with me.

    1. Thank you for the healing purrs. Your Aunt Pauline sounds sweet. Those are cute names- thank you. XO

  30. Oh, Dear, Now Millie in his sickbed.Sending lots of purrs and pawyers for him.

    Since KaTwo had just gone to Kitty Heaven, and somehow she sent plenty of mercy and grace to help that lady to think of you for this most gorgeously marked kitty, who also needed plenty of grace to come in gfrom wlaking hte street…and it was grace that kept her safe until she could be rescued, May be Heaven’s Grace might be a nice name. Grace or Gracie for short. Or Haven, since your home and heart is a real haven for so many kitties in need.

    Or Purrvidence, since it was so providential that she ‘found’ you in her time of need.b
    (Purrvi for short?)

  31. We continue to send all of you our purrs and prayers, and we’re sending extra for sweet Millie. I am so glad you believe in the sentiment that everything happens for a reason, because that’s so true. A certain beautiful calico was just blessed with a loving home, and I think perhaps KaTwo and your other angels had a paw in that. This sweetie reminds me a bit of your Lucy. Was your Lucy named after the Peanuts character? I wonder if any of the other girls in Peanuts has a decent name to lend to this beautiful calico. And now I’m trying to remember all the other girl characters’ names. Sally? Marcie? Peppermint Patty? No matter what name you bestow upon her, she is beautiful and she is blessed to have you, Ellen.

    1. Thank you for the purrs and prayers. Her eyes remind me of Lucy and I considered that, but there is only one Lucy. XO

  32. I am sorry to hear about Millie. I hope the prednisolone works.

    I know what you mean about it seems like these cats are sent to us sometimes. She looks a bit like a cat named “Rachel” that came to live with us when I was very young.

    1. Thank you. The vet ended up prescribing Benadryl instead- I hope it stops these tumors from forming.

  33. OMG I am so far behind on reading blogs that I didn’t know. I am sooooooooooooooo deeply sorry!!!! I agree with you though, I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe this kitty is meant to be with you too. I am sooooooooo sorry!!

  34. I’m sorry that Millie isn’t well. I’ve heard that pred can make a kitty feel better, so I pray it can give her a little more time. This new kitty is sure pretty–I believe things happen for a reason. How about the name Joy or something related to the holiday season? Holly, maybe?

    1. Those are great names. I had a Noel so one of those would be good. Millie is on Benadryl instead of predniosone because mast cells are histamine so he needs anti-histamine. I just learned that.

  35. I’m so sorry about Millie. I agree, it can be very hard to catch a breath between heartaches.

    She’s a lovely girl. How about Leia? Then Brody could have his own in-house Leia.

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