Toesies Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we have some GoPets Best Dog and Cat Nail Clippers to review which seemed appropriate for Toesday Tuesday. 004GoPets sent these to us and only asked we add a link to the blog for them. I like their products so much that I wanted to review them to spread the word of how great they are.

Most of my cats are cooperative with nail clippings aside from some meowing, trying to bite my hand and attempting to wiggle away. Spooky was in need of a trim.


These were so easy to use and I like that there is a space in them. The other clippers I have, have a hole to put the nail through which is a bit of a challenge. I trim the nails of my friend’s cat and twice she has had one growing into the pad so it is impossible to use that pair. I hope she never has that problem again, but if she does, these will make it easier to deal with.

010After ( sorry the photos are blurry, it is hard to take a photo, hold a cat and push the nail).

There is still time to get them for Christmas, here is their link:

002Joanie’s toesies

Now that my cats nails are all set, I am off to get a pedicure with my Mom. I am getting glittery red Madi 🙂

I am sad to report another angel at The Bridge. Please visit Nugget’s sad family at Meow by Kate

Nugget Forever


Happy Toesday everyone! Today at the Tabby Cat Club, they are celebrating toes. All the talk of toes reminded me of declawing and how awful it is. I cat sit for 2 cats that were rescued, but their former owner had a procedure done to them that is supposed to be less invasive than declawing. It is a tendon cut, which sounds pretty awful to me. These cats need to get their nails trimmed often because they can’t retract them. Has anyone else ever heard of this?


Another Lucy is in need of prayers Purrs Badge for LUCY

Have you heard Ghost’s story? It is quite touching and worthy of a movie deal. For GHOST and Family(1)

There is also a fund set up for him and his family: Ghost fund

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PS: Carol said I could share our photo from the cat show:012

PSS: Joanie wants to show her tongue this week instead of her tummy:joanietongue