Friendly Fill-Ins Week 95 /Dr. Seuss Day

Hi everyone! Happy Dr. Seuss Day! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins, be sure to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate.

1. My favorite Dr. Seuss book is _________________.
2. The most interesting person I have ever met is ______________.
3. Besides books by Dr. Seuss, my favourite book as a child was                       .

4. Lately, I have been working on                          .

My answers:

1. My favorite Dr. Seuss book is The Cat in the Hat. ( I am sure you all could have guessed that).

2. The most interesting person that I have ever met is my husband’s father, he was an inventor of hydraulic construction equipment with several patents.In addition, he was an avid gardener and a great cribbage player. I wish I had more time with him, he passed away in 1999 at the age of 91.

3. Besides books by Dr. Seuss,my favorite book as a child was Dolly Madison’s Surprise. It was my mom’s book as a child and I still have it.

4. Lately, I have been working on crochet projects for the A-Z Challenge in April.

We are joining Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus and The Dr. Seuss Hop hosted by Dory’s Backyard.



Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!!!

Happy Dr. Seuss Day everyone! Special thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for sending out a reminder because I would not have known about this:

The Grinch is actually my favorite Dr. Seuss story- what is yours? 021

We are having a Cat in the Hat giveaway for a catnip mat and a crocheted hat- all you need to do is comment. The winner will be announced tomorrow. 006Phoebe doesn’t like to wear hats, she is a scarf girl. We have a hat that Grammie made for them-who do you think wears it best?


If you want to make a hat for your cats, this is the crochet pattern I used for the one in the giveaway: They used an L hook, but I thought that was too big so I used a G hook instead.



Selfie Sunday with Phoebe and Snowball ( *sigh*)

Happy Sunday everyone! 011I can’t get away from Snowball this week. She likes to spend time with me, but this is getting ridiculous. 001002007007Wherever I go, she finds me.The other night, I had a great spot and Mom told her where I was because she was wandering around looking for me – Phooey! I need time to plan my writing and I need my beauty sleep. Being this beautiful requires a lot of sleep.

I did help Mom make a scarf for my sweet Purrince- I can’t wait to see him in it. He lives far away though so it is going to take a week to get to him.  002

So you all know that Dr. Seuss Day is tomorrow and we wanted to go all out being that he was born only a half an hour away from where we live. Mom went to Joanne’s fabric and found a Cat in the Hat fabric and made a nice big catnip mat ( with a velcro closure). Then she found a crochet  pattern for a Cat in the Hat hat. We have one that Grammie made ( I love her so very much) and we will show you some photos with that tomorrow. All you need to do is comment today or tomorrow to be entered- you can comment both days for 2 entries. We will announce the winner on Tuesday’s post. 006We are hopping: Cat4