Another Hopping Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone! Time to get hopping.
Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I drink a lot of COFFEE
  2. EVENINGS are my FAVORITE time of day
  3. WATCHING NURSE JACKIE is my guilty pleasure on SUNDAY NIGHT
  4. ANNOYING sums up the week I have had

Caturday Art52 Snapshots of Lifeimageedit_3_8382545150

The theme this week is “flag” for The Lazy Pit Bull’s 52 Snapshots of Life. I used Lunapic’s Needlepoint effect on this photo of Joanie with a flag in her hat. This is also for Athena’s Caturday hop.

New Pet Parade button 200x200

Don’t forget to comment today to be entered in Phoebe’s Giveaway:013for 3 catnip fish and the book, Solomon’s Tale and some seeds for her funky white and green grass.

Giveaway and Bikini Update

Happy Thursday Everyone! I have a lot to tell you today. 012My sweet purrince is going to be one next month. I am putting together a nice package to send him to let him know how loved he is.

My Grammie was here every day this week, I love her so very much. Look what she got for me all of us:010She watched us so Mom could bring Dad to the Dr. and for an x-ray. He hurt his ribs when he was rototilling. The good news is he didn’t break them, but  he did get pneumonia from not taking deep enough breaths.Please pray and purr for my Dad, I love him very much.  I hope he is better for Father’s Day, all us kitties got him a nice present- I am sure Prancie will take all the credit though- Phooey!

Remember my bikini? Phoebe's Traveling Bikini (1)The Critters in the Cottage all gave it a try, you can see their post : . Every one of them looks adorable.The bikini is now on its way to The Florida Furkids. If you want a turn, just comment on their post when they wear it and you can be added to the list.

I am doing a mini giveaway, I wanted Mom to make a catnip mat, but she was busy so instead I am giving away 3 catnip fish and a book, Solomon’s Tale. Mom read it a while ago ( ). It made her cry so she doesn’t want it, but maybe someone would like to read it. I am also going to give away some of our seeds to grow your own special white and green grass mix. This is where she got the seeds: 013Joanie is modeling the prizes because I was busy checking on Dad.

See you Sunday !

Books to Read and Not Read

Happy Friday everyone! Today is book day and Lucy and I each have a book for you.

First, Lucy recommends Cats’ Letters to Santa by Bill Adler. The letters aren’t as funny as some of the blogging cats’ letters are, but it is worth a read. Her favorite was the request for a dead mouse so the owners would leave the cat alone.


I read Solomon’s Tale by Sheila Jeffries, I know I am way behind and there is already a Solomon’s Kitten book.The cover would have you believe it is a nice story about a kitten that has an angel to guide him. He has reincarnated to help a woman that had him as a pet when she was a child. I didn’t enjoy the book at all, it was so sad. There was an awful drunk husband who treated his wife and son poorly and their 2 cats even worse. It troubled me to keep reading it, but I have an inquiring mind and had to know how it ended. If you don’t like to cry, don’t read this book.

Lucy wanted to reuse the letter she wrote to Santa last year. I wasn’t blogging then, but I had posted them on Facebook:letter3I think she has watched too many mob movies with us.

Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to sop by Sunday when Phoebe is having another giveaway. It would be nice if you stop by tomorrow too 🙂