Wordy Wednesday

Hi everyone, I have a lot of medical updates today. I will start with the bad. Spooky’s blood work showed that his kidneys are in rough shape. I was so upset that I don’t remember the numbers, but I will get a copy of them all when I bring him on for fluids. I am going to learn how to do it and he will get them every other day for 2 weeks then we will retest his blood. He is also going to start on a kidney diet. I am hoping he will eat it because he has been getting pickier by the day.

I am very scared, he is acting like Lucy right before the end and will eat something one time and then not want it. He did eat almost a whole 3 oz. can of food today and some turkey lunch meat and some treats which is a lot compared to the past few days. I am trying to stay optimistic which is very hard because my husband is a pessimist.

DSCF0661 I am not giving up on him until he is ready to give up. All prayers and purrs are appreciated.

In better news, Millie’s thyroid was fine, actually better than last time.. I have been really trying to get those pills into him and haven’t been finding them on the floor when I sweep.

Daryl the feral is doing well. He is leaving the drain alone and eating everything I give him.

We are also praying for our dear friend, Flynn who has had some tough days lately. I know Lexi has been having a tough time too so we have been saying extra prayers for both of them- and Spooky too.

Just For FLYNN


Better Late than Never

Hi everyone- sorry I am so late. Long story, but I somehow managed to cause a problem with my GoDaddy account. Today is art day, but first we want to let Buddy Budd at Timmy Tomcat know we are praying for him. PurrsPrayers for BuddyBudd

Now for the art. I went to photofunia and used the sepia filter on Prancie so I could join both Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and  Ruckus the Eskie’s Sepia Saturday


Caturday Art

Selfie Sunday

Hi everyone! Before I start my post, I want to say a prayer for Brian’s sister Precious. She hasn’t been feeling well. Please pray and purr for her. Purrs and Prayers for Sister Precious

I finally saw my Grammie yesterday. I love her so very much. I wish I was her GREAT grandchild because she would spend more time with me. She was with her 4 days last week- PHOOEY!

For our selfies, we have Kitten Bowl Cards. Mom was too impatient to make one for each of us so we only have 4. She claims the uploads took a long time. Here are our 4 selfie entries for The Cat on My Head Selfie Sunday Blog Hop.

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Congratulations to Cats of Wildcat Woods ! You won our Valentine’s Giveaway.


Rainbow Forest Fables

Hi everyone! Lucy and I have a wonderful book to tell you about, but first we want to spread the word to purr and pray for some of our blogosphere friends: Mr Jack Freckles needs The Power of the Paw(1)http://barksandwoofsfrommrjackfreckles.blogspot.com/

andPurrs, Prayers, Crossed Paws for Isadorahttp://crittercottageakaacacophonyofsounds.blogspot.com/

001 Lucy and I loved the entire collection of 10 fables in Rainbow Forest Fables by Pamela June Kimmell ( aka Sammy’s Mom- https://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/ ) . All the fables in this book teach sweet lessons of sharing and caring for one another.

I thought Billybug was adorable. A sweet little bug finds part of a bird’s nest and wants it for his bed, but he is sure to ask around to be sure it doesn’t belong to anyone. And once he finally hauls it home he learns another important lesson- you will have to read it to find out đŸ™‚ Pam also illustrated this book- Sammy has a talented Mom.

Lucy’s favorite was Davey the Dragonfly 004

Davey learns to use his special gift to help another instead of just showing off about it. I think this book would be excellent in classroom to teach children to help one another and respect one another. If you want to purchase a copy, here is the link:


And if you missed reviews of Pam’s other books, here they are:

https://15andmeowing.com/2015/08/ferals-rainbow-forest-family/ and is available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/pamela-june-kimmell/ferals-rainbow-forest-family/paperback/product-20652555.html

and The Mystery of David’s Bridge


We will be hopping tomorrow and Phoebe will be back Sunday.