NEMO Cat Show

Happy Monday everyone! Monday is fun and games day here so I will tell you about all the fun I had at the NEMO ( New England Meow Outfit) cat show yesterday. I went to the same show last year, it as my first cat show ever, in case you missed that post, here it is: Cat Show 

Last year I dragged my Mom and as much as she loves my cats, it wasn’t her thing. This year, I met another Cat blogger there which made it a lot more fun, it was Carol from Peaches and Paprika  

I will have to wait until another post to show our photo together because I forgot to ask her if she minded if I showed it. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do, she is an amazing photographer and a very nice person too.

Last year, I got to meet Jake and his Mom of Life with Abys . She is very creative and comes up with the best costumes for the cat/owner costume contest. Jake is so smart, she had just dressed him and he decided to go potty, so he got in his cage and took off his pants to go- I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. Here he is in his costume: 024A red shirt and khakis- can anyone guess who Jake was? Carol got better photos so I hope to get a photo of Jake and his Mom from her.

There were also a lot of vendors with great prices on cat toys. We really loved this one lady’s paintings: 013( she was even sweet enough to pose)014017


She doesn’t have a website, but her name is Suzan and she can be reached at  Her prices were good and she also does custom paintings too.

There was a table with raffle items so I bought 3 tickets and won something 🙂 A book called All Cats Have Asperger’s, a necklace and a small plaque. I hope to get to more cat shows soon. It is so fun to be near so many cat loving people and cats.

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NEMO Cat Show

Hi everyone, Monday again already. Today is fun and games day, but instead of telling you about a game for your kitty, I am going to tell you about the fun I had yesterday.

I went to my very first cat show sponsored by NEMO ( New England Meow Outfit) and it was wonderful. I got to meet a fellow blogger (she was dressed as Marilyn Monroe) from the Daily Abyssinian and her cat Jacoby. I got to take a photo:006And I got his Superhero card: 007 If you are wondering what this is, please read the post at: . I wish I could have stayed longer to see Jake dressed in his costume, but I had a bridal shower to attend.

In addition, the cat show had all kinds of vendors selling cat toys ( reasonably priced) and all things cat like t-shirts, wallets, flags,etc. My mom said she won’t go with me again because I was like a kid in a toy store. I was VERY excited to see so many cats, merchandise and cat lovers. I may give up book sales and start hitting all the cat shows. If you have never been to one, I highly recommend it.

Have a nice day!