ROAR Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is a happy day , we are able to give a larger donation thanks to Raven and her mom, Donna of Indulged Furries : and our own Phoebe.

This donation is going to my favorite charity that is completely run on donations with no grant funding, etc. There are so many strays in Boston, MA and a few people who go out in the scariest neighborhoods in all sorts of weather to be sure they are fed. Here is an article about one lady that I have never met, but I am friends with her on Facebook and feel like I have known her all my life: group she works with has a Facebook page:

This week we are sending a  gift card to Stop and Shop ( that is where she gets the best deals on canned food). Phoebe donated  $5 of her hard earned money to go with the other donation. Thank you to Raven and her mom, Donna and to Phoebe.

Phoebe may be a little vain about her looks, but she does like to help other kitties. She knows how fortunate she is. 012

And the winner of the catnip turkey legs : Congratulations Roxy and Tigerlino! And thank you all for commenting, I wish I could mail one to everyone. Phoebe is starting a giveaway on Sunday so please visit.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for Joanie. She is off to the vet now.

Sundays with Phoebe

Hi everyone! This is Phoebe here to wish you a Happy Blest and Selfie Sunday. Mom says I have let the other kitties do selfies because I won’t let anyone else have a turn writing. Phooey- I think the Sunday blog should be all about me.

So here is Prancie:010

002I borrowed these pretty shoes- don’t I like fantastic? They bring out the green in my eyes. This time I have permission to borrow them as long as I don’t tell anyone they belong to my brother,  Millie-OOPS!  Mom bought some pretty green yarn and is going to make me my own scarf.

The other day we got a package in the mail from Raven of Indulged Furries:  We got lots of great toys and she sent some money for our weekly ROAR.That sure was sweet of them. This Wednesday I am going to add $5 of my very own money to what Raven and her mom donated to make a special donation so please be sure to read our ROAR this week.

I need to figure out a way to earn more money so I can do my own ROARS. I wonder if Prancie and I could have pay per view boxing? Or maybe I will take up pole dancing again? Any ideas?

This week I am blessed that my sister, Joanie had her bump removed and teeth cleaned with no problems. 003And I guess I am blessed that my sister, Snowball loves me so much that she can’t get close enough to me. And I am very blessed to have such a loving Grammie.

Make sure you stop by next Sunday, I have 3 giveaways planned between now and Christmas. One is silly and the other 2 can help you get a gift for your mom ( or dad) for Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you want it for. Have a nice week.

Cat4We are hopping!