Frolicat Pounce

Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day and we have something fun that we won from our friends Dezi and Lexi ( The Frolicat Pounce!

010It came in a nice big box 011 012Joanie and Stinky really had some fun 019Prancie did too! So I decided to make a video but,you know how cats are:


Some of my kitties were not interested, but I still think it is a great toy. There are 4 playing levels and it will stop automatically which is a nice feature. Most of my kitties are older so I can see why they were not interested, it would be like giving a rattle to a teenager. The link is here if you are looking to buy one:

My kitties also partied with our friend Billy the Time Cat this weekend- that kitty knows how to throw a party- you should visit him: 

And Sammy is back from his Cat Scouts trip to The Grand Canyon:

groupcanyonHere he is with lots of his friends on their elegant plane. He was exhausted when he got home:


Phoebe will announce the winner of the #selfie socks and some catnip toys tomorrow – she will also announce another giveaway for The Perseid Meteor shower August 11-13th. I have my fingers crossed for rain on Wednesday night or my hubby is going to make me go outside with him from 1-3AM.

kittens 002