A Chewy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Right before Christmas a box from Chewy arrived and I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I remembered that we won a giveaway from Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows . 027 028 029

We got 3 packages of Purina Pro Plan True Nature Protein Crunch. One of each flavor: Turkey, Shrimp and Lamb.We reviewed the turkey ones in November so I knew they would be a hit. Turns out every flavor was a hit and they are all on sale at Chewy.

We also received Ethical brand wide spring toys and pom pom toys too. It was like Santa arrived early without those pesky reindeer to run over Grammie ( who Phoebe loves very much- actually, all the kitties love their Grammie).

So far no one has guessed what is going in the gumball dispenser and sorry Phoebe, it is not cat treats. Any other guesses?

002Tomorrow we will show you what is inside. I bought it at Hobby Lobby and it had 14 cents inside, I guess people kept putting coins inside for fun.