Cat Shaming? I Don’t Think So!

Hi everyone! Look at this book Mom got from the library.

DSCF1789 Have you ever heard of something so mean? It is filled with photos of cats wearing signs that tell what naughty things they have done. Mom best not plan to do that to us. I got a lot on her that I could shame her with. For example, just the other night, I caught her on Amazon looking at pillow cases with Nic Cage on them. I had to stop her, I don’t think Dad would like that.

I got to see my Grammie yesterday! I love her so very, very, very much.

I wrote a Haiku poem for my Dad because today is my friend, Sammy’s poem day and he is on the letter D.

I love Dad so very much

He brings me fresh nip

and is generous with treats


Have you checked out Winnie’s Wish Auction? More stuff is being added all the time.

Thank you for all the purrs and prayers for Sammy. He is still a conehead wearing the cone, but he is feeling much better.

And here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for Friday. Mom came up with the first 2 and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2:

Friendly Fill-Ins, Week 9, July 8, 2016:

1. ___________________ was easier than I expected.

2. Bucket list: 1. _____________________  2. _______________________ 3. ______________________.

3. I cannot believe                                            .
4. If I could                           , I would                                       .