Phoebe’s Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Look what my Grammie brought us- I love her so very much ! I am very thankful to have such a wonderful Grammie.

006This is a 16 ounce bag- that is more than an ounce for each of us. I think I should get the extra 2 ounces being that I am the star of the blog and clearly very good at Math.

Remember my grass? This was thenĀ  006

and this is now: 008 Congratulations to The Lone Star CatsĀ 

They guessed 13 days for the grass and that is it. We are going to send you some catnip toys.

And the winner of the black cat themed giveaway is McGuffy’s Reader -congratulations!

017Mom will mail out your prize today ( sorry, Spooky not included, but everything else is ) .

I will be having a pink themed giveaway for breast cancer awareness starting on Sunday. We have a pink mat and pink socks and pink toys too!


I helped Mom decorate, she made these bottles by adding fun stickers to antique bottles.


I kept feeling like I was being watched though.

Well, I have to go work on my Halloween costume now. Mom has really been slacking with those this year. See you Sunday. Thankful Thursday Blog Hop,, pet centric

Loving Care for Cats

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day and I have some resources to share with you full of tips to keep your kitty safe.

First is an online Home Safety Guide: . This is a comprehensive guide to the many dangers in our homes from poisonous plants to foods bad for them. It includes charts and links to other sites with more information. There are also suggestions for problems like sneaking in cabinets or small places.

The other resource is a book that I won from our friends at Fur Everywhere. Cat Skills: Loving Care for Cats by Leslie Goodwin is also a comprehensive guide for pet parents. I like that it isn’t too wordy, she gets right to the point and gives the information you are looking for. It is only 135 pages, but covers so many topics from nutrition, litter box issues, aging issues and so much more. There is also a CATalog at the end with useful websites.

You can purchase the paperback new at Amazon for under $10, and under $5 for the Kindle edition. Here is the link: Cat Skills .

Don’t forget to comment to be entered in the Black Cat Themed Giveaway:

014 ( Spooky not included)

And Joanie wants you all to see her tummy: 004

Black Cat Themed Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone! Monday is fun and games day and we also have a black cat themed giveaway. I love to decorate for Halloween and my 4 black cats are the best decorations- year round.

I bought a kit at Michael’s to make a black cat out of beads that melt. Flat Scout Charles helped me when he was staying with us.003It looked so simple, you follow the diagram and place the beads on the orange board. Then you cover it with the special paper that came in the kit and run your iron over it. The beads melt together and you have a cat- NOT! 003As you can see, many of the pieces didn’t melt and fell apart. Luckily, I know someone who is a pro at this and she has an Etsy store. Billy the Time Cat’s Mom makes all kinds of items from magnets to coasters and Billy recently modeled for some. You can check it out at the link:TCA shop . Billy’s Mom uses the money she earns with the store to pay for his insulin.

Now for the giveaway- Spooky is modeling with the loot.


A catnip mat ( black cat print on purple) , black cat socks, a mini book with a black cat, a cookie cutter , a black cat pin and your very own bead kit to make a black cat. I will also include some crocheted catnip toys. Just comment today through Wednesday – winner will be announced Thursday. Comment every day for more chances. Good luck!017