Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and The Pet Parade.

Trouble wanted to look her best for her first Thanksgiving. I used lunapic to frame the photo.

We have good news! Moo has been found. She is coming home for a brief rest while I tweak her travel plans. Sadly, many bloggers that signed up for a visit are no longer blogging. Thank you Carol, for taking Moo to Alaska, she has traveled further than I ever have 🙂


Hi everyone. Today is always a sad day because of the events that happened on 9/11/2001. It is also 3 years since my beautiful Lucy went to The Bridge.

It is also a sad day in the blogging world as we found out yesterday that everyone’s friend, Basil left for The Bridge. Rest in Peace sweet boy with the heart shaped nose, you will never be forgotten.

You can visit Basil’s family by clicking here.

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B is For Basil and Bailey

Hi everyone! Today is brought to you by the letter B ( I admit, I have been watching Sesame Street). I have 2 books to tell you about today and Spooky is here to help.

DSCF0947 Both of these kitties have books and blogs.I wrote about Basil back in November when I was lucky enough to win his book. Here is the link to my review and buying information:

I also want to tell you about Bailey Boat Cat. I am on the board at The Museum of Maritime Pets and Bailey is our Ambassador at Sea. His book is perfect for children and adults, it is filled with wonderful photos of Bailey on his boat, Nocturne. I had no idea how many cats lived on boats until Bailey started conducting weekly interviews with several of these kitties. Bailey’s book can be purchased through the museum gift shop.

We are also joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop

this week. Keeping with our B theme we have Phoebe being petted by a baby. My great-niece is super cute, but I cropped her out because I think only parents should post photos of their kids. I did leave her adorable hand though. PhoebebandbabyCaturday Art

Basil the Bionic Cat

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have a long overdue book review. I won a copy of Basil The Bionic Cat by Cathrine Garnell back in September, but as you know, I haven’t been reading as much without my Lucy.

Lucy used to pose on my robe with the book, but now like Tiny Tim’s chair, it sits alone.


The book is for children aged 8-12, but I really enjoyed it so I think it should be for ages 8-adult. Basil is a cat that lives in a manor with Mr. And Mrs. Pilkington , their twin daughters and an Aunt. Mr. Pilkington is a bit of a mad scientist ( I envision Doc in Back to the Future) and Basil ends up stepping in the wrong thing leaking from the lab.

This book is full of suspense and mystery as the twins get kidnapped. Fortunately, Basil has developed some new powers from the substance he stepped in. As you know, I don’t like to give long reviews for fear of giving out too much information. I can assure you that this book won’t disappoint. I think it would be a great gift this holiday season for kids and cat loving adults.

Basil has his own blog:  

You can purchase the book in the U.S. at Amazon The Kindle version is only $2.99 ( free for Kindle Unlimited)

and at Amazon UK

See you for hopping tomorrow.