Penny’s Tips Volume 4

Hi everyone! Welcome to my latest installment of Penny’s Tips. This is sort of a shared post with mom, it is her idea, but I improved on it.

She made an Advent calendar for us using a mini muffin pan that has 24 slots. Dad cut out the circles from scrapbook paper and she numbered them. She puts treats in for us for each day of December up until Christmas.

I think I will clean out the first slot while I am posing 🙂 She makes this for us because the only Advent calendars around here have a piece of chocolate for every day.

If you want to make one for a child, but don’t want to have candy in all the slots, you can add stickers or PENNIES! ( see slot 2). And that is my tip for today.

We are joining Create with Joy’s Inspire me Monday’s Blog Hop. There are already over 200 holiday ideas linked up so be sure to check it out.

Advent Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I guess Phoebe let you all in on my secret- I can’t sing 🙂 Today is not only the start of the week, but also the start of December. I bet a lot of you remember Advent calendars with a piece of chocolate for every day. I have always wanted one for my kitties with treats in it, but have yet to find one in the USA. I have seen several companies in the UK that sell them, but the shipping is too much.

Well, I went on Pinterest for ideas, I LOVE Pinterest, it is so addictive-this is my page:  I have over 4,000 pins of cat photos and over 900 Grumpy cat ones. I did find several make it yourself Advent calendars. I had the cat treats, scrapbook paper and husband to make the circles and cut them out. I only had to buy a mini muffin pan ( Walmart $5.97).005

006. Here is Sammy checking it out:008I am going to have to keep it in the diningroom because the kitties will eat all the treats in one day.

Phoebe said to remind you to comment today or tomorrow if you haven’t already to be entered to win a gift for your mom or dad.