Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Hi, I’m Phoebe and Mom is letting me write today. Mom and Dad call me Miss Congeniality, I don’t know what that is, but I know they love me.

Here is my selfie for Selfie Sunday: 003Thank you- I know I am adorable.

I get along with all the other kitties, but my besties are Prancie, Snowball and Joanie-

006Scuze me-can you remind everyone to come to our party on Tuesday.

Yes, Joanie I will get to that. I am a pole dancer ( there is a video on youtube). I donate some of my earning to help cat shelters, here is a photo of me getting out some money:001.One time I saved enough moneys to buy a custom made bunk beds for us kitties ( it takes crib size mattresses).

001Tell them that Mom let me join the Scouts and I got to go to a carnival and make lots of friends and have a corn dog and go in the nip tent—-

OK , OK Sammy, but you already told them.

Don’t forget to come to Joanie and Sammy’s party on Tuesday- it is going to be lots of fun and there will be a giveaway for a catnip mat that Mom made and some crocheted toys too. Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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Sunday Selfies with Joanie and Sammy

.Hi, I’m Joanie   010

and I am her big brudder Sammy.001

We is going to be 9 years old on September 30th and we want to invite you all to our party. We will even make Mommy have a giveaway.

We both loves snacks. Mommy calls me Nurse Jackie because I takes good care of her when she is sick and I love catnip. My name used to be Megan, but Mommy didn’t think it was a good cat name so she named me after my Grammie- Grammie wasn’t too happy- I don’ts know why.

Mommy calls me her 20 pound hat because I sleeps on her head. When she gets up to go potty I take her place on the bed and give her a bitey when she tries to move me-sometimes she gives up and goes to sleep in the spare room with KaTwo.

It is nice to meet you all and we hope to get a turn again soon, but there are a lot of us that want to write. Hope you all come to our party! Have a nice day!

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Spooky and Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is “Every Cat Has a Story Day”. I can’t believe I have already told you about 14 of our cats and today I will tell you about #15. For now on, I will be taking Sundays off and having the kitties take turns writing so you can learn a little about each one’s personality or should I say purrsonality.

Spooky is last, but not least. He was the last cat we adopted, but we have known him for years. He belonged to my friend Heather and her husband, Mike. Sadly,  Heather passed away in 2005 and Spooky began to stray from home more and more. He would visit us and another neighbor for a snack every day. The other neighbor allowed him into their house, but he wouldn’t stay. Last Fall, he decided he wanted to join us so we let him onto the enclosed porch. He gradually worked his way through the house and got along well with the other kitties. He has never tried to get out. 004This is him visiting my hubby when he was out, and now when he is in:005

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003 Prancie’s Selfie

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Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!! I know this isn’t Facebook, but I just had to share this photo of my niece and her hubby taken one year ago today:sarahandryan

Today is “every cat has a story day” and I have one of my kitties left to tell you about which I will do next week. This week, I thought I would tell you about my niece’s cats. She got Nixon ( named after Trot Nixon the Red Sox player- not the president) when she was in college back in 2006. Her roommate wanted a cat and had chosen an orange one at the shelter, but when they went to pick him up, he was gone. Sarah fell in love with Nixon and had her roomie adopt him, but he became her cat immediately. He had separation anxiety and meowed all the time when she was at class. It didn’t take long for word to spread and he was not allowed to stay at the dorm so she brought him here and he stayed in her room most of the time. Eventually, she ended up commuting to college closer to home so Nixon lived with us for several years. When she moved, I had a hard time seeing him leave ( her too)  .003


Right before Sarah and Ryan got an apartment, Ryan found Nellie on his road and she was limping. She had been injured and it healed wrong so she will always walk a little different, but she still loves to play. 002

Nixon and Nellie get along great together and manage to tolerate, Nora the Jack Russell terror, oops I mean terrier. And we must not forget Selfie Sunday Here’s Sammy: 001Thanks to :  for hosting the Selfie Blog Hop.

KaTwo’s Story and Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!  I am happy to report that I didn’t see a single flea dead or alive yesterday. I hope it stays that way, but we will keep using flea products for several months.

Today is “Every cat has a story day” and I have already told you about 13 of our 15. Today is KaTwo’s Day and what a story she has. My first kitty ever, KaChoo passed away in 2010 and I was devastated. She was a beautiful tabby and in 2012, I saw one on Petfinder that looked similar. This one was a little lighter in color  but had a sassy face that made me think of my KaChoo. She was in New Jersey so my sweet mom agreed to take me to get her because I am a wimp about driving on highways.This was her Petfinder photo:littletigerAnd this was my beautiful KaChoo:KaChoo3.

I had seen other tabbies online, but something compelled me to get Little Tiger ( her former name). She was very friendly in her cage and rubbed against us for a minute. Then…she started chasing her tail and screeching and I knew I was in trouble. I said I was adopting her and she had been in the shelter for well over a year so I wasn’t going to change my mind. She was incredible on the extra long ride home ( we got lost and ended up in traffic in NYC). I think she was relieved to be out of that noisy shelter, there were so many dogs barking in the next room.

I will go into detail on Behavior and Medical day about her “issues”. I am actually glad her personality is not like KaChoo’s because no one could replace her. I think KaChoo knew this kitty needed someone that could deal with her and led me to her which also led me to Snowball (I wrote about her in July).

Damn! Lucy just came to visit me and I saw a flea- I guess I spoke to soon.  I got it though so hopefully that was it. Phoebe wanted to do a selfie for Selfie Sunday: 010

Find a Penny, Pick It Up

Hi everyone! I am very excited because after 3 months of blogging, I am going to meet a fellow blogger. She is at a cat show only 30 mintues from my home so I can’t miss this chance. I hope to have a photo for tomorrow. I also hope to meet more of you someday.

Today is” every cat has a story day” and I have already told you about 12 of our kitties, only 3 left to go. Today will be Penny’s day. Penny is our chatty little Tortie. Back in May of 2012, Joanie kept looking out the window so I went to see what she was looking at and it was Penny. I ran out with a can of cat food and she came right over. I figured my hubby would get mad if I brought her inside, but she was clever. She followed him all around the yard and kept meowing at him. Before the day was over, she was inside.

We kept her in a crate the first night. The next day I brought her to get checked for FELV/FIV and a rabies shot. Luckily, she was already spayed and was healthy. She blended right in with the rest of the family. I named her Penny because we love the show Big Bang Theory. I like to say Penny, Penny, Penny like Sheldon does when he knocks on her door. 011This was her meowing the day we found her and this is her happy in the house:001In case anyone is wondering, I did ask around the neighborhood and check Craigslist for missing cats. We found a Penny picked her up and now we have good luck -and so does she.

Contest and Noel’s Story

Happy Sunday everyone! I actually can’t wait for Monday to start my Dr. Who themed week. I vacuumed again yesterday, there were a lot of dead fleas, but that is a good thing. I am starting to doubt my eye sight and/or cleaning ability. I found an Oreo Truffle on the enclosed porch and I know it was from Christmas because I had used the chocolate color “Grinch Green”. I vacuumed it up and it got stuck in the hose so I was going to try to break it apart with a knife. Luckily, the hose fell off and I accidentally plugged it into the wrong hole ( the one that shoots out air) and it shot out like a cannon-LOL.

Today is every cat has a story day and today is Noel’s Day. She is Polar Bear’s other wife. I adopted her in 2006 when I was tutoring a senior in high school that had just had a baby. I used to toss crumpled up papers to Noel while I was tutoring ( I may have a touch of ADD) and she would fetch them. The family was afraid Noel would hurt the baby and no longer wanted her so I said I would adopt her. She was born in 2005 so I guess she is already 9. She is a sweetie and has never hurt me. She does growl when some of the other cats get near her, but I doubt she would have harmed a baby. Here she is: NOEL.

Don’t forget to comment to enter the drawing for the cat scarf. If you commented yesterday, you are entered, but feel free to comment again.Enjoy your day.

PS: We just linked to a selfie blog so here is KaTwo’s selfie:001

Contest and Polar Bear’s Story

Happy Sunday everyone! I am happy that I survived yoga yesterday, some of those poses are difficult. I invented a new one too- the sleeping cobra, the teacher said to modify our cobra as needed so I just took a mini nap on the mat.

Today is ” Every Cat Has a Story” day and today’s story is about Polar Bear. Last week, I introduced you to one of his wives, Tallulah. Back in September 2008, I was cat sitting for a friend and I even agreed to dog sit so Rocco wouldn’t have to stay alone. I don’t mind dogs, but I am not thrilled with the walking in all weather and picking up their poop part. During one of our walks, I met Polar Bear in the yard. He started waiting for me and even followed me to the 2nd floor apartment. The neighborhood had a lot of strays, but he was the only one that approached me. I knew I wasn’t going to leave him behind.

I made an appointment to get him fixed ,so of course the night before when I went to get him, he was nowhere to be seen. I walked around like a crazy lady calling kitty-kitty-kitty. I didn’t know at the time that he was deaf. I ended up getting a call to be an extra in 30 Rock in NYC so my niece took over the pet sitting, but she never spotted him those 2 days I was gone. I hated to go, but when one lives 3 and a half hours from NYC, opportunities like this are rare. I am happy to say that I was actually visible when the show aired and when I got back, Polar Bear was waiting. I had kept a crate in my car so I just grabbed him and brought him right to the vet.

This is my best photo of him ( anyone with a deaf cat knows how hard it is to get their attention for a photo). :polarbear. Next week, I will introduce you to his other wife.

Have a great day and if you didn’t comment yesterday, you can today for a chance to win a MEOW bracelet.

Capstar, Contest Winner and Tallulah’s Story

Happy Sunday everyone! I really hate to use the f-word on a Sunday, but yesterday we still had some Fleas on the cats. Turns out there is a magic pill called Capstar that kills them all in 30 minutes. You still need another treatment because it only works for 30 minutes, but boy does it work. We had treated everyone with Frontline, but there must have been a new hatch or something.

Today is every cat has a story day and I will tell you about Tallulah. She showed up in our yard in 2005 and was friendly from the start so she was obviously a drop-off. For some reason, people seem to think if they leave a cat by a barn it will be all set. Luckily, at our barn they are, but that is not always the case. Tallulah looks just like Jinx and when I first spotted her, I thought he had escaped as he was a bit of an escape artist in his younger years. She has always been a sweetie and we have never had a problem with her. She is one of Polar Bear’s 2 wives- he is deaf and likes to have them help him. Tallulah2

And now the information you have been waiting for—-the winner of the catnip ice cream cone and petsitter list is: Peggy Humes Hollenbach- Congratulations!!! I will contact you soon for your address. I also chose a new winner for the Catnip cat sign because the original winner never got back to me with her address. The new winner is Abner Doublebear- Cogratulations to you too! Thank you to all who liked my Facebook page and spread the word, I truly appreciate your help. I will announce another contest soon.

Another Contest and Jinx’s Story

Happy Sunday everyone! I am actually looking forward to Monday as I have been cat sitting for 4 days and I am a little tired. I love cats, but dealing with my own 15 is a full time job. Plus my niece lives on the 3rd floor and I am quite lazy. Today is every cat has a story day, but first-a contest: Lucy wants to remind everyone to wear a helmet when they bicycle.lucyhelmetThe first person to comment with the correct answer as to what store the helmet is from will win an ice cream cone ( catnip flavored). This is Snowball with hers, my mom is making some new ones :001

Today I will tell you Jinx’s story, he was still young when I got him so I think he was born in early 2002. I used to be a home tutor for the public school and he was hanging around at a student’s home. The parents had no plans to keep him so I took him in. Jinx is very sweet to us and other people, but he hates cats. He goes right for the neck every time. We have tried over the years to reintroduce him to some of the other cats, but he always ends up attacking. When we had a dog and rabbits, he was fine with them, but for some reason he really hates all cats. It is a challenge to keep him segregated, but I would never part with him- Once I accept a cat ( or any living creature) into our home, it is forever- my niece is lucky she was able to move when she grew up and even luckier she got her cat out with her 🙂  By the way, I named him after Jinxy cat in Meet the Parents ( I love that movie). Halloween 2013 047This is Jinx last year when I was experimenting to see if black cats are bad luck by having him wear a Red Sox cap ( they are not bad luck 🙂 ).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please check for another contest this week. Thanks for reading.