1. Well, we visited Curious Cathy, whom we did not know, and boy, does she have some good music from young singers. Today it’s the song Dream Lover, and the second video has GREAT harmony. Thank you for introducing u to her wacky and wonderful site!

  2. As you know, Elza is my constant reading companion and think with a cat by your side, is the best reading experience you can get!

    We hope you guys are all well! So sorry we haven’t done a Friendly Fill-Ins the last couple of weeks, we’ll get to it again!

    Elza Reads

    1. Yes, that is where he sleeps at night. He lets me have 1/4 of it being the generous boy that he is. XO

    1. Thank you. You got Sammy and Rosie correct plus there is Emmy and Joanie. Brody can’t go in the bedroom- Sammy would not like that. XO

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