Elvira and Friday

Hi everyone. Thank you all for the purrs and prayers on the loss of my sweet Sammy.  I will blog again on Selfie Sunday when The Kitties Blue will be honoring Sammy.

I do have a favor to ask- no pressure on anyone, but if you can help it will be greatly appreciated. As you know, I have been trying to find a home for Kiril’s cats, Elvira and Friday. So far, no takers. My mom was interested, but she decided having 2 cats is a fall risk for her as she is a bit wobbly.

I am not trying to replace Sammy as there can never be another Sammy. I do know Kiril’s cats are grieving for him, and I am grieving for Sammy so maybe we can heal each other. And hopefully Kiril can take care of Sammy in Heaven until I get there, and I will take care of his babies now.

I have been trying to find a way to get them without any luck so Kiril’s incredibly kind sisters have offered to drive them from California to Massachusetts and then they will fly back home. This is going to cost a pretty penny so I told them to set up a paypal account for it because some had offered to help with transportation.  So if you do want to help, here is the link: PayPal.Me

Any amount will help and is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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