A Sammy Update

Hi everyone. I am pleased to report my Sammy is snoozing next to me as I type this. He is still not well and never will be, but I am thankful for every second I get with him.

He had 2 days of IV fluids at the vets last week and has gotten daily sub q fluids since then. His kidney values improved slightly. Unfortunately, his thyroid is out of control and he can’t be on the meds any more. This is causing him to continue to lose weight and makes his heart race and murmur worse.

He spent the day at the vet yesterday, but he couldn’t get an IV because of his racing heart. He was constipated which was dealt with and he seems much more relaxed.

We have one last trick to try- Hill’s y/d, a special food low in iodine to correct thyroid issues. The hope is that can slow down his thyroid some so he won’t lose weight so rapidly. It can take a few weeks to do that though and it won’t make his kidneys any better. I am hopeful that it can buy some months, but that is up to God.

If he gets stable, I will start posting regularly, but for now, I will do an occasional update. I thank you all for the purrs, woofs, POTP and prayers.

And thank you to Ann for making this beautiful badge.

I apologize for shutting off the comments, but I am overwhelmed right now and still haven’t answered comments from the last post. I know you are all purring and praying for my boy and I thank you all for caring.

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