Caturday Saturday

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop .

I used Lunapic’s Landscape effect for my art and rounded the border.

Puzzle took me 12 minutes and 8 seconds, I am sure you can all beat that.

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  1. Angels Phoebe and Stink look good artified! Sort of looks like patchwork.
    Good Morning!

  2. No, i can’t, i promise. So i tried, and i was more than 30 minutes. Puzzles online are not my forte, but art and arts and crafts are yours!

  3. I am the worst at puzzles! My husband and daughter Rebekah are so good. They get those corners going and it is quick fact. She bought a puzzle recently of the human body. She was so happy she and her husband Zach put it together and one piece was issing. She was so mad, she bought another copy of it so they could complete it. I do not have the patience of Job, I know that. hahaha The art is so cool. I always enjoy oyur photos. Thank you

    1. That would be frustrating to be missing a piece- do they have a cat? They are notorious puzzle piece thieves which is why I like online ones. 🙂 XO

  4. I remember when Lost came out. I loved all the beautiful scenery in Hawaii. I hope you get to enjoy all the shows. Your kitties are so loved. I like seeing that with pet lovers. My neighbor years ago had a big female but she refused to spayed her. The poor thing had litter after litter and it was sad. I think oneday she left to just go away and never return. It made me so sad because I think a spayed or neutered kitty is a happier one and they live a longer life. My daughter’s friend has a beautiful cat, his name is Buddy, he is a refuse and he is 18! He loves sleeping on the couch these days but he is so loved. I love to see that. HUGS to you and MEOWS of LOVE from Mister KItty and Daphne too.

    1. I feel so bad for cats that have to keep having babies because owners were too dumb to spay.. Thank you. Hugs back to them. XO

  5. I am trying yet again to get you to appear in my email. I may have to unsubscribe and re-subscribe. I can’t figure out what’s going on.

  6. LOVE the art! We can’t wait to get a chance to do some puzzles. We got our internet back last night! We are purraying the heat that is coming over the next week does not cause the fires to burn more of our internet infrastructure and that we don’t get fires too close to our home. We are thankful that we are happy, healthy and safe right now,

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