Terrible Tuesday

Hi everyone. Rosie was going to fill-in for Penny again because Penny was mad when she found out what is printed on her box.  We are canceling that post for now because Bridget is missing.

As you all know, I have had Bridget, Ethel and Lucy for a while now . They are semi-feral, but seemed OK with their room and getting fed on a regular basis. We have central a/c on the first floor, but their room was on the second floor. The door was always open so they could come and go if they chose to. And I know they at least came downstairs once in a while even if they didn’t explore much or get to know the other cats. Well, around 7 am Monday morning it was pouring and I heard a muffled meow so I looked outside and it looked like Bridget was on my hubby’s truck tire. There is a neighborhood cat that is also striped with white paws so I assumed it was that cat. I ran upstairs and all looked secure by the window. I had it opened about 2 inches figuring no one could escape that.

Then I ran outside with cat food, but she was nowhere to be seen and we haven’t spotted her since. I rechecked the window and realized she had gotten in that small spot and must have stood up and pushed through, but it had popped back so it looked normal until I checked closely.

I pray this isn’t the only photo I will ever have of Bridget. I think she can fend for herself for the most part, but I worry about cars and coyotes. There are plenty of places she can hide including the barn, but she would have to cross the street to get to that.  She was the last one captured and would go missing for a few days from her other home so I am trying not to panic, but as you can probably tell from all this babbling that I am panicking. All purrs and prayers are appreciated.

I hope it is OK to join Comedy Plus’ Happy Tuesday Blog Hop even though this is not a happy post.


  1. Oh dear, we sure hope you’re able to find dear Bridget. We know how upsetting that is and we’ll all be praying that you find her super soon.

  2. We are purring, woofing, and praying for Bridget and her safe return. You are doing everything you can for Bridget and her sisters, and I am praying as hard as I can that she returns to the wonderful home where she is safe. I am so sorry you are going through this, Ellen, but you are a fantastic cat mom and I know you won’t give up on Bridget. Many purrs and prayers to you.

  3. I am purring lots for you to find Bridget again. At least you know this is a pattern of hers, and she has done this before elsewhere. That gives me hope.

  4. I am sorry to hear that. If she went missing from her other home for a few days at a time hopefully she will come back. She knows she was getting fed well so I hope that draws her back. I will keep her in my thoughts for her safe return.

  5. Ellen, so sorry Bridget is missing. Hopefully she is close and you catch a glimpse of her at least. Sending prayers and thoughts of hope that you find her. It’s hard not to panic but knowing she went missing before and was captured is a good thing. Fingers crossed.

    1. Thank you. I got a glimpse right before dark last night and all the food was gone except the one in the trap. xO

  6. Oh no, first Sawyer and now Bridget. I hope she finds her way home and soon. Awful.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and prayers for Bridgets safe return. ♥

  7. It is hard to try and keep housecats inside. One little mistake and they will take advantage of it. I do hope Bridget shows up soon outside your door.

  8. Sending you purrayers and Power of the Paw and hope Bridget soon finds her way home !

  9. Oh my goodness, Ms. Ellen ,we’re all purraying for Ms. Bridget’s safe return!

  10. Oh Sweet Bridget please come home safely. They are ber curious little creatures. I hope she will return. I know how storms effect them and I pray she is hiding somewhere nearby. Gentle Hugs to you.

  11. Oh no, we are so so sorry! We hope she realizes how fortunate she was and comes back. I’m sure you are super worried about her. Cats can be liquid when they want to escape.

  12. NO NO NO NO not your Bridget too Miss Ellen?? Wee are so sorry that shee gotted out. An wee purrauin shee will eether coem back to youss’ or go to THE barn or come back to you 😉
    **purrss** BellaDahrma an Purrayerss LadyMew

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