Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.

I used Lunapic’s beauty effect for my art-

And here are some of my recent crochet projects- diapers for Typhoid Mary’s dolls.

And some dresses for Barbies.

Here is the puzzle- took me 17 min. 50 seconds to complete. I know you can all beat that.


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  1. Those are great art effects! I used to make knit/crocheted clothes for my dolls, too. For my Cabbage Patch ones when I was grown up! LOL! Then I made baby blankets for others and used those dolls to be models with the blankets.

    1. Awww..that is sweet that you had a Cabbage Patch when you were grown up. I still have lots of stuffies. And I still have my cabbage patch that my dad waited hours in line for. XO

  2. Those diapers are so cute, and the dresses are too!
    The art is pretty and thanks for the puzzle.

  3. I LOVE those diapers! Your two little ones are so lucky to have you to play with and all of the cats too. Especially Joanie

  4. “Beauty” was the perfect choice for your photo as it just became more soft, sweet and beautiful …
    and we love your crochet work, you have so many talents!!!

  5. T.G.O. is lucky to have a GREAT aunty with talented fingers
    Back in the mid 1970’s, I used to make Barbie dresses I quickly learned to either make them sleeveless or with cap sleeves. Arm holes were impossible
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Mee-yow such a purrty artwerk foto Miss Ellen…you had a kitty named Prancie?? Furry kewl.
    Thanx fore THE croyshayed toy…mee sayss it iss a fish an LadyMew sayss it iss a chickhen leg, mew mew mew…..
    Yore diapurrss an dressess are marvelluss~~yore SO-O tallented!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew
    Pee S: LadyMew REELLY likess her tea towel 🙂

    1. Yes, she liked to prance when we first got her. 🙂
      You are correct, it is a fish, but I do make turkey legs sometimes. XO

  7. Again, you sell yourself short, my dear. ~shakes finger~ You’re talented in ways many cannot imagine. A jigsaw puzzle does nothing to denote your skills. ~nods~ Best wishes!

  8. Great artwork! And we love your fun crochet projects, especially the diapers!

  9. You are very talented with crocheting and all crafting projects. We like the subtlety of your art. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

  10. The art is beautiful – and the crocheted doll’s clothes reminded Mummy of how her own Mummy used to KNIT clothes for Mummy’s dolls.

  11. I love how pretty and colorful the art is! And I really enjoy seeing your crocheted creations. I have zero skill in that field, and I really admire what you can create. Purrs!

  12. Whoa! TW’s friend who drives her to treatment is crocheting doll clothes too. She belongs to some program where she tests patterns or something. Off the puzzle. Thanx.

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