Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Joanie decided to take her selfie when she was posing for The Great One.



Emmy is denying stealing a taste of whipped cream.


And poor Sammy is coned again. He is such a trooper, listen to that purr.


  1. Hey, whipped cream is never stolen by a kitty. It is earned and deserved. Poor Sammy – he is a happy boy in spite of it all.

  2. Joanie looks great in her outfit, and Emmy … yum on the whipped cream!

    Poor Sammy. We’re sorry you have to wear that cone again. Your purr is so awesome.

  3. What a glamorous Selfie, Joanie, and that’s a sweet face, Emmie and your purr made my day, Sammy. Here come some healing Pawkisses just for you and for all of you Extra Pawkisses too🐾😽💞

  4. They are all sweet selfies. I hope Sammy doesn’t have to wear his cone for too long.

  5. Oh Sammy – your purr is still there even though you’ve managed to need to be coned again. Let’s hope it stops you pulling out your tummy furs!! Love the selfies of the girls…..

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. What cuties! I am sorry Sammy isn’t doing better. He is a trooper, for sure. ~hugs~ I never knew a cat to need an E collar but several dogs I’ve known suffer skin issues, especially in summertime. Take care!

  7. What beauties you are all! We’re sending purrs and pawsitives for that cone to come off Sammy, hang in there sweetie.

  8. Ooooooooo! Pawsome dress Joanie 🙂 Looks good on you.
    Emmy, it you’re not caught in the act, you didn’t do anything 😉 MOL
    Oooooooo Sammy, that is a pawsome purr. Sorry you have to wear that cone though :/
    Purrs, Julie

  9. Joanie, you are gorgeous! And I love that you and The Great One are such good friends. Emmy, we just know that you’re purrfectly innocent. And we’re sending purrs and prayers to Sammy as he dons that cone of shame. He is such a sweet boy. Purrs!

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