1. Mom and our furry cousins think we’re weird. Neither of us like dairy (except the occasional bit of string cheese.) Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  1. Oh my goodness. I love banana, coconut and lemon thataway! Or rather my mommy does.
    Katie Isabella

  2. Yum! You kits look like you are enjoying that lovely treat. I usually pick Lemon Cream as my favorite, but I think I’m changing that to Banana Cream, that just looks so good.

  3. That looks good. Our boys love just about anything with dairy. They are like vultures when my wife takes out the whip cream and I can’t put cream in my coffee without Chris and Frankie expecting some.

  4. Oopsie, we forgot all about this day…and to think that the unfurs went to the local ‘math science center’ here…and every year they had the parents bring pies to celebrate pi!
    The stolen sleep hour and she was working last night have a lot to do with that…LOL! YAWN!

    Your pies look delish…Key Lime pie is yummy, and so is lemon. Or chocolate silk, or pecan or…or…well, the list grows! (*She* prefers the more tart kinds, rather than sweet, with the exception of pecan…)

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