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Hi everyone! Yesterday I told you all that hubby and I had our vaccines and were fine. Update- after I wrote my post last night, I had the chills and a fever for several hours topped off with a headache, but I am fine now. Just want to let you know in case you are considering J&J vaccine. Each one has different side effects and it depends on the person- my hubby had no problem.


We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and sadly, the very last Pet Parade.

I used Lunapic’s Fantasy effect for my art-

And there is a puzzle- it took me 10 minutes 50 seconds to complete-


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  1. I’m glad you are past the side effects. I heard they don’t last very long. It looks like my human is going to get hers tomorrow – the hospital where we volunteer have worked things out for the therapy group members.

  2. I am glad the side effects were short lived. That is pretty art, and thanks for the puzzle.

  3. We’re happy your after-effects weren’t severe or long-lasting. You’re right though – everyone has a different reaction including NO reaction. The reaction is just our bodies telling us we are building up immunity – not everyone’s body chemistry is the same. The main thing is WE ARE PROTECTED!!

  4. I had a little of what you had with my first shot of Moderna but it didn’t keep me from doing anything I had to do. I was okay except for a little headache by the time I went to bed. Hoping nothing worse for the second shot. Angel Phoebe looks so sweet in her St. Pat’s costume.

  5. Welcome to the chills ‘n’ fever club! Tho mine was thanks to Pfizer … and look who is getting ready for St Patrick’s Day … all purrty in green!

  6. Someone is looking mighty Irish and pretty this morning. XXX

    I’m not looking forward to my shot…but gotta do it.

  7. Mom had no problems with her first shot (Moderna) and gets her second this coming Friday. Hopefully, no side effects or at least just mild ones.

    Cool art – thanks for the puzzle!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Thank you for that info! I’ve been wanting to hear how the J&J vaccine was going for people. I’m glad your side effects were short-lived! But why is it men always seem to get things easier? LOL

  9. I was wondering if J&J was going to have fewer side effects. One of my cousins had a bad reaction to the Moderna where she had to be kept at the vaccination facility for a while to be observed. She didn’t need hospitalization, fortunately. It isn’t available yet where I live and I wonder how popular it will be. At least, it’s easier (with only one shot).

  10. Thank you Ellen.. you are right about the vaccines and for some reason most men are not bother by it side effects. No matter the vaccine. I had chills and fatigue with Pfizer but no headache.
    Hugs cecilia

  11. That’s a very lovely art effect.

    We (hubby and I) got our second Pfizer vaccine yesterday. We were both nervous about side effects, but aside from the sore arm and an off and on headache, we did fine. In fact we think the first one was a stronger but similar reaction. We hope you will be doing just fine.

  12. I’m glad you are okay now. Your side effects sound very much like the ones I had after the 2nd shingles shot. I’m hoping I’ll get to make my Covid vaccine appointment next week.

  13. About 1/2 of the folks that I know had symptoms at the 2nd shot; the rest had none.
    I hope to find the J&J shot for The Hubby and myself, but our county info is trash, and I can only hope that I can schedule appointments through our health provider soon. Even if we have to take a drive.

  14. The side effects mean it’s working. Glad you’re feeling better. Hope it worked on your hubby since it’s supposed to be less effective on older Americans. We take it though if it was the only one offered. I’ll bet TW can double your 10 minutes!

  15. Such sweet photos. We are buried in the snow. It is going to be tough digging out as there is already no where to throw the snow. BUt we are safe and warm so far so we can not really complain. Stay healthy and safe and happy.

  16. That turned out real pretty!
    We’re glad you’re both feeling well after the vaccine. The mom is getting her second on Thursday. She had no reaction the first time but maybe this time she will have some chills and appreciate us all piling on her. Normally she has hot flashes and doesn’t appreciate the warmth when that happens.

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