Penny’s Tips Volume 94

Hi everyone! I am a little mad at my dad. He helped my mom get this photo. I do look pretty cute though dressed in Anngel Phoebe’s fortune teller costume that mom made for Halloween years ago.

I thought for today I would try something fun. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone though. Anyone is welcome to join in, but I understand if you can’t for religious reasons. I am doing this all in fun though.

My mom and Grammie always play with this book and read their fortune with playing cards.

They do the easy spread of 4 cards. I will explain it to you and you can use your cards at home to do it then if you want to tell me in the comment section which cards you got, I will respond with what the book says about each one.

First you think about a question you have, mom usually thinks about if she should publish another book.

Shuffle the cards ( be sure to remove the jokers ) then split them into 4 piles.  Then you put them back together and flip the top four  in this order-

These are the ones mom picked, I am just showing how to place them 1-4.

1 represents where you are now,

2. represents what is influencing you right now.

3. represents your past.

4. represents the future.


If you want to play, you just need to tell me the cards you pulled in the right order. Don’t tell me the question, it is none of my business. And I will respond to every one of you in the comments within 24 hours ( probably sooner).

Make you you stop by to see my friend Marv today, he offers weekly horoscopes for Cats.  Click here.


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    1. Thank you for playing and for the shout out on your blog-
      Ace hearts- something great will happen to you
      3 hearts- influencing other, not people in your immediate circle though.
      Jack Spades- A young dark haired individual who is introverted.
      Queen diamonds- a brown haired woman who is a lot of fun.

  1. Yup, even for fun, well, its not done here…but you shall become furmouse, Miss Penny!! Um…Mme Penny!

    You know what?? We just had a sermon on Sunday about ‘mediums’…Look up 1 Samuel 28 : 3-25.
    There are other texts also…so, thanks but no thanks, and no, we are not offended, we just don’t ‘paw-ticipate’.

  2. Oh neato! This is like reading Tarot which is what my Mom used to do. I will do this later this morning and let you know what my cards were…………I think that purple Madame Penny turban is fabulous!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. I don’t have a deck of cards to play along. Bugger.

    Love the fortune teller outfit. Great shot.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  4. I don’t have any cards either. When I was a child I loved go fishing, rook, and gin rummy. Then my daughter love the game Uno.
    Tell Dad thanks for helping you pose
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. I played a lot of UNO with my mom when I was a kid and a lot with my niece when she was growing up. XO

  5. Mom Crystal said she would do the card thing to night and tell you cards tomorrow. I’m a Virgo according to my horoscope.
    Don’t be mad at your Dad. He just knew how cute you would look and you do.
    Daisy Mae And Crystal

    1. My mom’s favorite show ever is Seinfeld too!
      Thanks for playing. Did you recently play solitaire? Mom gets a lot of the same suit after playing with hers. You can have a do-over if you want, but this is what I got for the ones you had.
      Queen spades is a dark haired woman who is strong and on your side.
      2 diamonds appears when things are just starting to go smoothly
      king diamonds-A brown-haired man who is a lot of fun
      Queen diamonds- A brown haired woman who is a lot of fun.

  6. I won’t be playing today because our kittens would make a mess of my cards, for sure. 😉 Your mom is soooo talented, Penny. I’m always amazed at her crafting abilities. And I know you’ll forgive your dad. They both adore you. ~hugs~ Be well!

    1. Thank you for playing.
      7 of spades You are at the end of you limit on something and ready to make a change
      10 of clubs change is coming and it is all up to you on what that change will be
      5 of hearts is very lucky and means good luck, good health and fortune.
      3 spades an inability to make clear choices.

  7. This is a lot of fun Penny and we want to play
    1. Ten of Spades, 2. Two of Spades, 3. Seven of Clubs, 4. Seven of Diamonds.
    We hope the roof will not come down on us MOL

    1. Thanks for playing.
      10 of spades is achievement over obstacles. You have had a tough journey, but are starting to see improvement.
      2 of spades is a small problem like misplacing your glasses.
      7 of clubs- a time to reflect on plans and make improvements to them
      7 of diamonds -now is the time to change your loos if you want to, something major like getting a tattoo.

  8. This sounds fun. I have got
    4 clubs
    9 diamonds
    ace hearts
    6 clubs
    I was a bit worried in case I got the Queen of Spades!

    1. Thanks for playing. The 4 of clubs means you are stuck in a rut, the 9 of diamonds means expansion of earthly goods. The ace of hearts represents an overpowering love. And the 6 of clubs means procrastination and you won’t be successful until you complete what you need to.
      It is the Ace of spades that mom fears, it is the death card, but it also can just mean an ending of something. XO

      1. Thank you. I think it was the Ace of Spades I was thinking of when I said the Queen. With Covid and cancer I was afraid of turning it up and almost didn’t participate. Yes, I am stuck in a rut with this virus keeping me confined for 10 months. I will be glad to get the vaccine so I can start to enjoy life again instead of just existing. At least existing is better than the alternative though. The overpowering love is for my boys (including Ivor.) The reading is actually very accurate. I used to be very organised but do procrastinate far too much now.

        1. I can understand your fears. Glad you didn’t get that card. I was getting it a lot last year when I lost so many cats. XO

  9. Mee-yow wow LadyMew used to reed Tar-oo Cardss many yeerss ago!
    Mee showed her yore post Penny an shee was xcied to have you due a reedin….
    So here are LadyMew’ss cardss shee pulled:
    King (of Heartss) an then Queen (if Spadess) an Jack (of Diamondss)
    an THE card on itss’ side iss 8 (of Spadess).
    Wee can hardless wait to see what you deevine Miss Penny!!
    Thanx an **purrss** BellaDharma

    1. I will tell you what each means. I am afraid you put them down wrong so I will explain how to do it and if you need to change the order, the 1st you put down should be the middle one then the sideways one on top- those are your present and what is influencing you. Then the 3rd goes to the left ( the past) and the last to the right ( your future).
      Here are the meanings of each- King of hearts- a deep long lasting love with a blond haired man.
      Queen of Spades- A dark haired woman you want on your side.
      Jack of Diamonds- A brown haired young person that is very outgoing.
      8 Spades- An immediate change.
      Sorry if this isn’t very helpful, face cards are tough to figure out. XO

  10. Mee-yow LadyMew sayss shee will arrange THE cardss rite. OKay Penny shee has dun it an shee wantss to mee-yow to you purrsonallee..go ahead LadyMew:
    Queen of Spades is my BFF who is living in Newfoundland!
    King of Hearts is my (ex) hubby Dave (the hubby w/ Covid & back in Hospital today) 🙁
    Jack of Diamonds if this can be either gender I’d say my Niece Vicki. We spoke for 5 1/2 hours yesterday…..
    8 of Spades an immediate change….I’ve been thinking of moving out of town….
    This reading DOES make total sense Ellen & Penny…
    I wanted to move with my BFF & her hubby but didn’t & feel I missed an opportunity.
    Dave offered for me to move back to Hamilton w/ him in the Summer time….
    Vicki my Niece wants me to move back to Hamilton….
    And I feel like a change will happen….
    Thank you for a great reading!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen an **purrss** from mee too BellaDharma

    1. I am glad it made sense. I am sorry Dave is back in the hospital, I hope he recovers soon. Hamilton sounds like a good move because where you live with that crazy man sounds awful. XO

      1. The stalker dude is too sick now to bother me so things are much calmer now. Plus we are in a lockdown where we are not supposed to travel or relocate Ellen.
        If I go back to Hamilton it will be in the future…..
        If that is possible.
        Good news ~~ Dave is back home. It is a long story. He is stable again at least.
        ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

          1. It is a relief that Dave is home again. And I found out today that his trucking buddy is finally home from Hospital also Fingers crossed; things will get much better for both of them.
            As for “Crazy Man” he is unwell with heart issues that has slowed him down. And Covid has also slowed him down. I am VERY thankful I can walk the hallways w/out being a nervous wreck! 😉

          2. I am glad Dave is home and his buddy is too. COVID is so scary. Also glad you can have some peace in your building finally. XO

  11. Thanks Ellen…me too! This place was a Zoo from 2016 til October 2020. Once some of the troublemakers were put out things calmed down.
    And I AM breathing a sigh of relief over Dave & Jim….when people say Covid is “Just a Flu” I reply “And Godzilla was just a small Lizard” 😉

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