Cat’s Letters to Santa-Part 2

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Here are three more letters to Santa-

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a collar with a bell for Penny so she can’t sneak attack me. Love, Trouble
Dear Santa, If you heard anything about me starting fights with Sammy that is just a rumor. Love, Brody PS: I will leave you some cookies -you are getting too skinny.
Dear Santa, I would like a sweater that no other cat has worn-make it fun to show off my playful personality. Also, a meow activated remote control. If there is no such thing, please make some just remember all patent rights belong to me I noticed you didn’t send an elf to spy/watch us so I have been taking notes. Emmy stole my blue mouse, Drake peed on a chair, Penny is mean to Trouble and Brody and they are mean to me and Joanie spilled the entire bowl of water in the bedroom. Love, Rosie

Thank you to The Kitties Blue for Featuring my Angel Jinx today.  We want to give or condolences to Animal Shelter Volunteer Life on the loss of sweet Gracie. To visit, click here.

We also want to give condolences to our friend Audra on the loss of her sweet Dezi. Click here to visit.


  1. OH there are so many of our dear furriends leaving for the Bridge. I am so sorry to learn Dezi went as well as Jinx and Gracie. Mom is sad for the families of these precious little ones. Trouble, Rosie, your letters to Santa are the smile maker that my Mom here needed today. XX
    Katie Isabella

  2. Be careful Rosie, just because you haven’t seen the elf it doesn’t mean he isn’t watching you!

  3. Those are some great wishes, cutie pies. We hope Santa grants them all.

    Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comment about our Gracie’s passing, and for including her in your post today. She was an amazing kitty, and we miss her so much. Hopefully, she, Jinx and Dezi are all palling around at the Bridge now until we see them again. XO

  4. What sweet cute Letters to to Santa by the Cats. Rosie, just because you didn’t see one of Santa’s elves doesn’t mean one wasn’t watching. Also by being a tattle tale you may not get what you asked Santa for so don’t tattle and be a good kitty

  5. Those are excellent letters to Santa! We especially liked Rosie’s! She really keeps track of who does what (and who).
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb

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