Sunday Selfies

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

Sammy is sleepy.

Joanie with Gremmie and Alf

Emmy with her “collection”. I helped her find some of her Christmas themed ones.

And I bet this is the first ever Brussel’s sprouts selfie-

My hubby’s friend grows the best. I roasted some of these tonight. And I took them all off the plant -there were 136 on there.




  1. Awww, all the kitties look adorable in their selfies! And that’s an impressive bunch of Brussel’s sprouts, it must have been a lot of work to get them off the plant! XO

  2. Sammy, Joanie and Emmy sure made greart slefies! Doing the thiungs they love best!

    The first time I saw how those Brussels sprouts grow, I had no idea they grew on a stalk!! Sometimes the stores here sell them that way. Yours sure was a a big one!
    We love to roast them too, YUM!

  3. Sweet selfies from all of you. That sprout plant does have a lot of sprouts on it!
    I knew it was too good to last. I can’t see the comments until the next day again! It started again yesterday, but at least I can see all of the photos.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Sorry about the comments. I will update the plugins to see if that helps. XO

  4. I LOVE Brussels Sprouts! NUMMY!!! (Mommy said that).
    Sammy, Emmy and Joanie, you each look so sweet this morning!

  5. Great selfies…..and that brussels sprout selfie is wonderful – that’s a long string of them – we love them at my house too!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. All of you have the best Selfies this week. We really enjoy seeing Sammy our fellow Cat Scout. Dad like those Sprouts but me not so much. It would be nice if Treats grew on a stalk like this

  7. Sammy, Joanie and Emmy – you are all so beautiful in your selfies today. I have never picked fresh brussels, I bet they were amazing grilled!

  8. Great selfies, kitties! And the Brussels sprouts did great job, too 🙂 I agree this should be the first ever selfie by Brussels sprout!

  9. Concatulations Miss Ellen an Mistur Brussel Sprout fore yore kewl Selfie!!!
    Joanie you look so sweet with Alf an Gremmie! An Sammy mee heerss yore soft snorin from here!
    Mee-yow Emmy yore so fotogenick! Furry purrty…an so many lewl toyss too!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew too!

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