1. well…a few of them! But those tails! Mom loves seeing those too. Tocks Gotta get posing for my mom! It’s October!
    Katie isabella

  2. Hahahaha!
    I asked The Hubby to grab Da Boyz for me, so I could take some ‘hind-view’ photos…and he was flabbergasted! Even explaining ‘Tocktober to him didn’t change his mind, however he’s agreed to assist. What a good husband!

  3. Happy Toktober. No we didn’t know LOL.
    Don’t know if I have any of my Daisy Mae or not. Guess I’ll have to look.
    Great hind selfie MOL, LOL.

  4. I think it is:
    1: Brody
    3: Emmy
    4: Rosie
    Whether I am right or wrong, they are all nice tocks.

  5. Can you believe I almost forgot about Tocktober? Good thing these purrfect little tocks reminded me! I see a cute Brody, Trouble, Emmy, and Rosie. Purrs!

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