Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays. 

Gremmie and Alf are still getting along.

Well. sort of- the sign Alf put on Gremmie says “feed me after midnight”.

Joanie never lets these two out of her sight. I moved them to the bed for a photo and she followed them and then back to the cat tree and she joined them there too.

Penny will be here with another craft project tomorrow.




  1. Joanie is very wise not to let them out of her sight. Alf doesn’t want to be near Gremmie if he does get hold of food after midnight!

  2. Joanie is making sure these to behave. That’s what I think.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  3. We love watching this friendship blossom! But, we sure hope Gremmie doesn’t eat after midnight. That could get really ugly. Joanie, don’t let him eat after midnight! Purrs!

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