1. Beautiful art! The puzzle took me 61 minutes to do it! I love the kitty lamp so much we might have to buy one ourselves lol

  2. That kitty lamp is so much fun! I might have to pick one up for our house too.
    There’s something SO relaxing about doing a puzzle. I’m going to give yours a try.

  3. So pretty!!! On Thursday night while my friends and I were social distancing together over wine, a friendly black kitty wandered into the yard to visit with us as well. We named him Hugo-Francois and he hung out with us for quite a while. My friend went a got food for him and my sister-in-law runs a spay-neuter clinic so they made plans to neuter him if he sticks around and doesn’t belong to anyone.

  4. Oh, I love how this masterpiece turned out! Trouble, you and your kitty light friend are stunning. Purrs!

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