Caturday Saturday

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and The Pet Parade

Today is our 6th Blogoversary. Here is a link to my first post. Click here

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. I am blessed to have wonderful readers. I look forward to blogging every day. I love reading your comments and your blogs. I appreciate all the support you have given me with my kitty losses over the years.

Joanie is posing with my grocery store scores. I was finally able to purchase my favorite brands of paper towels and toilet paper.

I used Lunapic’s dreaming effect because I thought I was dreaming when I spotted these items at the store.


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  1. Concatulations and Happy 6th Blogaversary Ellen! I’m so glad you decided to start you blog and that you have stayed with it! Good finds at the grocery store today. It’s cute the way Joanie found a cozy spot amidst the groceries, and I like the way the art turned out with all the colors and textures. XO

  2. Happy blogoversary! And lucky you, scoring your favorite brands of paper goods. My human is still having to cadge off brands where ever she can find them.

  3. Yes, there seems to be a resurgence of those commodities, MOL!!! Now we have shortages and limits on various meats. Ugh. Even jam…I went to get some grape jelly for the oriole feeders and they said I could only have 2. When I went back the next day, they were out. Sheesh:( Now what will those birds eat??
    Will try the puzzle later…

    1. And ooops…
      Happy Blogoversary!!
      Glad we met this way, and your blog is a lot of fun:)

  4. Congratulations on your 6th blogoversary.
    Well done on getting your favourite brands too. I like Bounty kitchen roll and Cushelle TP but haven’t been able to get either since the shortages started.
    At least you find out which brands you never want to buy again. Aldi’s Everyday Essentials TP springs to mind, but when you can get nothing else you have to make do.
    It looks Joanie is keeping guard to make sure no-one takes your shopping.
    Thanks for the puzzle.

  5. Happy Blogoversary! I like your artwork. That was luck finding your favorite brands. I’m always surprised when I see the brands I like on the shelf. Have a great day.

  6. Concats on your blogoversary!
    Guess I should check to see when ours is…*oops*
    We enjoy reading about you and your furry family, and thanks for the puzzle!

  7. A very Happy Blogaversary! And may you have many more… Love the Meowing Crew and You! Congrats on scoring the paper products of your choice. We are finally seeing some Cottonelle TP. We never had any trouble buying Bounty Select a Size towels… you gotta wonder!

  8. Happy Blogoversary!!!!!

    Great score! Thanks for the puzzle too!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. I am sure thankful that you started a blog. I don’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve been reading or how I found you … but I appreciate your daily words/pictures.
    I didn’t remember reading about how you came up with your blog name so that was interesting…
    but I do remember that you had a turtle!

    Glad you found your grocery store scores! I normally am particular about my Bounty paper towels but was forced to buy Kirkland at Costco when they actually had some one day and I found them to be very good (I normally don’t like plain white but I guess I’ll have to get over it)

    thank you for 6 years and I hope to be reading for many more!

  10. I love your grocery scores…both real and artsy.
    Who would have thought buy tp and pt would be such a rewarding experience
    Hugs cecilia

  11. HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!!!! We love you, your blog posts and all your meowser children and we hope you keep on going on for many years to come. Also no wonder you’re celebrating – you scored BIG TIME. So far Mom hasn’t been able to get our favorites of a lot of things and there hasn’t been ANY toilet paper in the grocery since this all started. Fortunately we found it at WalMart! Have a super duper day celebrating.

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. Happy Blogoversary from all of us! Hooray for finding the goodies at the grocery store!

  13. Concatulations on your scores at the grocery store. Looks like Joanie is a natural and should be there MOL, LOL.
    Happy 6th Blogiversary to you.
    You’re such a good friend with a great blog.

  14. MOL..Looks like a dream came true…MOL 🎉Pawkisses for a Happy 6th Blogoversary, Ellen and furry furriends🎉

  15. Scott toilet paper and Bounty paper towel are exactly what I get for our home! Glad you could find them 🙂
    Happy 6th blogoversary! I wish many more to come!

  16. Happy Blogoversary! Love reading what you guys are up to. Lysol spray is gold around here. No one has it. We got some Scott asswipe. TW loves the Marcal but their warehouse burned down months ago and they still haven’t started making it again. Hope the Bounty didn’t cost your first-born. MOL! The peeps bought the Bounty Express or whatever they call it and it was like $18 for 8 rolls.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, Lysol is hard to get as well as Scott. Sorry about the Marcal, I didn’t know they had a fire. Bounty was $12.50 for the 8=12 rolls.

  17. Happy blogoversary, sweet pals! Six years is a big milestone. Thank you for all you do for all of us. The Cat Blogosphere wouldn’t be the same without you! XO

  18. The paper products we can get, but if you scored Lysol you are one lucky duck, as we used to say in school.

  19. Happy 6th Blogoversary to you and many more!

    You did good getting all that stuff.

  20. Wow, you really scored on your shopping trip. Congratulations on that and your 6th blogoversary. That is a great milestone as are all your accomplishments since you began blogging. Wishing you many many more years of success. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  21. Happy 6th Blogoversary! Wishing you many more. I really enjoy all that you share about your life and your fur babies xo

  22. Happy (belated) blogoversary! We are so glad you started blogging. And it looks like you struck gold at the grocery store. Honestly, I feel like there are people out there who would pay gold for a pack of toilet paper. Joanie, you are always the purrfect model! Purrs!

  23. Charlee: “Happy belated blogoversary to you!”
    Chaplin: “We are looking forward to many more to come!”

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