Get Your Butt Off My Face

Hi everyone! I am doing an extra post today because I don’t want to wait until the A-Z Challenge is over to spread the word about Rosa Silva’s latest book.

*Disclaimer- I received a free copy off Get Your Butt Off My Face in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are my own. 

Rosa Silva has a great sense of humor. Something that comes in handy when one lives with a cat (s). I have enjoyed all her books and this is no exception.

First off, I loved the cover and can totally relate.

As you can see by this selfie with Sammy, he sleeps on my head. He reverses direction at some point in the night and I get a view of his “button hole” as Rosa calls it in her book.

This is a cute book to read to your cat before bed. I highly recommend it for any cat lover.

You can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited or to order a copy , click here

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  1. That would be a hilarious book to read, just like all her other ones.

  2. That book cover brings back memories! When I got into bed Flynn would always lie on my chest with his head under my chin purring. Within 5 minutes he would turn around and stick his butt in my face to go to sleep.

  3. My old woman is constantly shouting at me, “Get your bum out of my face!” as I try to get settled under her chin. She should be honoured I am anywhere near her face. Ha-ha.
    Not So Sweet Toffee

  4. I am going to try to leave a comment. My comment did not go through on your previous post… fingers crossed. Button hole! Have to check out her books! Good extra post, Ellen!

    1. Sorry your comment didn’t go through last time. WordPress is quirkky.XO

  5. LOL this sounds like a relatable book! Sadie will sometimes do this when I’m on the couch, and she has farted a few times! Yuck!

  6. This is certain to be a fun read. I’ll for sure read it to Thimble and Eddy, as they are the primary offenders of butt-in-the-face crimes. Purrs!

  7. Cute photo Ellen. It reminds me so much of my Joey. He always slept like that:)

  8. Thank you so much Ellen for such a great review of my book!
    I’m really happy you enjoyed reading my book 🙂

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