Friendly Fill-Ins Week 183

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins. Please leave your link (at bottom of post) here or at my co-host’s Four-Legged Furballs. You can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link to the hop so everyone can visit you.

1. I have been ______________________ for ____________________.

2. Have you __________________?

3. I always _________ this time of year.

4. The world could use more _________.
My answers:
1. I have been crocheting for 9 years.
2. Have you fed your kitty today?
3. I always enjoy this time of year. I love fall and look forward to the holidays.
4. The world could use more people willing to adopt homeless kitties.
We are also joining Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday and Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.

Here are some flashbacks from November 2014. Angel Lucy and Angel Lucy dressed up for Thanksgiving. ( we like Indians, this is not meant to disrespect them).
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  1. I like to crochet, too. I’m currently working on a granny square afghan. It will be one big square rather than smaller ones connected together. Maybe I will post a picture of it when I’m done.

    I think the kitties are adorable. 🙂

    I think I’ve fed kitties a few hundred times today! The number of those bellying up to the outdoor buffet seems to grow each day.

    I hope that you have the best Thanksgiving ever. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. I hope you do post a photo, it sounds nice. I am not patient enough for big projects like that. How sad about the kitties outside. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving too. XO

  2. Ellen,

    I barely remember to snag your fill-ins this morning and got them added to my post before it went live. Phew, that was a close call! 🙂 The kitties look cute wearing the Indian headdress. It won’t be long before we’ll get to enjoy a big feast, huh? Do the kitties like turkey? Crocheting is something I wanted to learn but never did. Oh well…I have plenty of other things to keep me busy. Thanks for hosting the Friday fun, my dear!

    1. Thank you for doing the fill-ins, It is never too late to learn something. I bet the local senior center or library or Michael’s craft store has classes. XO

  3. I don’t think any kitties would allow their humans to forget to feed them.
    I can sew and used to make a lot of my own clothes and do alterations for friends, but have never come to grips with knitting or crocheting.

  4. A big yes to #4. Angels Phoebe and Lucy look very festive!
    My Fill-Ins…
    1. I have been hungry for Moo Goo Gai Pan from our favorite restaurant in Missouri.
    2. Have you ever had chili with saltines spread with peanut butter?
    3. I always look forward to this time of year. I love Thanksgiving but I find Christmas a bit overwhelming and “peoply”. We stay home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and watch movies and eat chicken and homemade noodles Christmas and boil crab legs Christmas Eve.
    4. The world could use more kindness.
    Have a nice Friday Meowing Crew!

    1. Thank you for these great answers. The weather is cold enough, maybe someone from back home could mail you some 🙂
      FOr #2, no and no thank you 🙂 Your traditions sound very nice. And I agree with #4. Have a nice weekend! XO

  5. 1) I have been at my current job for 33 years
    2) Have you ever ever ever in your long legged life seen a long legged sailor with a long legged wife? (a song from grade school … then you do the same with “short”)
    3) I always eat too much this time of year.
    4) The world could use more kind people like YOU!

    1. Thank you for these great answers. That is a long time to be at one job, good for you 🙂 That is a song I have not heard. I always eat too much any time of year. And thank you for #4, you are so sweet and very kind. XO

  6. As much as we’re not excited about the frigid weather, we are also looking forward to the holidays! It’s the only good part of winter. LOL

  7. Love all your answers. So you.

    What cute pictures of Angel Lucy. Such bittersweet photographs.

    Thank you for co-hosting Friendly Fill-ins.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  8. Feeding the kitties is the first thing I do every morning. Or else there would be a riot! HAHA

    Oh yes, I SO wish more people adopted kitties that really need homes. Our local humane society is overflowing! 🙁

    1. Thank you 🙂 Same here with the kitties- no computer until they eat. I hope you have a nice weekend too> XO

  9. When I retire, I hope to adopt more kitties!
    However, we need to get everyone to spay and neuter; we cannot adopt our way out of the never-ending cycle of too many cats in the rescue system.

  10. Of course I fed our cat today, she would have given me hell if I didn’t 🙂
    Absolutely agree about #4. Very often taking in a homeless kitten is a win-win!
    Have a wonderful Feline Friday!

  11. Loved your answers!

    1. I have been doing so much outside in the windy cold lately for getting ready for Winter, I am laying in the heated waterbed 10 hours a night just to warm back up.

    2. Have you cooked so much you have to stop because the freezer is full and you have to stop cooking and empty it for a few months?

    3. I always hate DST this time of year. I get up late so there is little daylight.

    4. The world could use more non-partisan governance.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. That sounds like a great way to warm up. I have never cooked and frozen that much food-that is a good idea though. 🙂

  12. Fantastic fill-ins, as always! My kitties and I all enjoy your crocheted creations. They’re so fun and beautiful! And my kitties would never let me forget to feed them. Actually, it’s mainly my sister’s cat Winky who would never let me fail to see a bowl that’s even remotely nearing empty. And I completely agree on #3 and #4. Thank you for sharing these fun and festive photos of Angel Lucy and Angel Phoebe! What cuties!

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