Friendly Fill-Ins Week 179

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins. Please leave your link (at bottom of post) here or at my co-host’s Four-Legged Furballs. You can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link to the hop so everyone can visit you.

1. _____________________ makes me nervous.
2. I should get rid of ____________, but I can’t because ________________.
3. My ideal home would include _________.
4. You would not find _________ in my ideal home.
My answers:
1. Driving on the highway makes me nervous. I pretty much only drive around town and when I need to go on the highway my mom or hubby drive.
2. I should get rid of old stuffed animals, but I can’t because anything with eyes makes me feel like it has feelings. Yes, I am a little crazy.
3. My ideal home would include a fireplace and lots of catification. A craft room would be nice too. And a handicap accessible bathroom ( we are getting old).
4. You would not find clutter. I would love to be clutter free, but my hubby won’t cooperate.
We are also joining Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday and Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.

 And here are some flashbacks from October 2014- my Angel Stinky as the tin man and checking out Frankenstein.

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66 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins Week 179

  1. Angel Stinky and “Frankie” are cute. I think I’d pee my pants, though, if I walked into my living room and saw his green face staring at me. haha

    Driving makes me nervous these days, too. Not too long ago, I was driving along and just turned the car off. I don’t know why. David said I just have too much put on me right now. I was thinking ahead and just turned it off. It was scary and thankfully we didn’t have a wreck. The car just kept on going, didn’t lose power or anything. I know the angels were protecting us at that moment. Thank you, Jesus!

    I don’t think you’re crazy. We feel the same way. I can’t stand to see stuffed animals get put into plastic bags or into boxes that get closed or anything like that. It stirs up my claustrophobic issues.

    I think your ideal home ideas are great. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. An ideal home is a pipe dream here, too…including the clutter free part, MOL!
    An ideal home should just have a ton of love for all who call it that, under the roof thereof.
    I get all nervous when i know ahead of time that there will be short-staffing at my work…
    I cannot seem to bear parting with many little mementos of places I have been to or knick knacks…so I just put them in boxes…which by now about fill up a closet…and hubby is just as bad, or worse!

  3. Great filling in……….My Mom has a lot of stuffed animals around but some are “out of sight” in closets or chests – otherwise I probably wouldn’t like all those eyes watching me! We love our fireplace here – in winter we keep it going almost all the time. You all would love having one I bet! HAPPY FILLING IN ON THURSDAY!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Haha! Stinky made a good tin man! I used to be petrified of the highway too. I white-knuckled it for quite a while – though now, I don’t even think about it. I still have all my stuffed animals … they are shoved under the bed – but they are there!

  5. Driving is quite nerve-wracking, i have no choice if i’m going to get to work.

    It’s fun to read how different every person’s ideal house would be.

    Great memories of Angel Stinky, i hope you have a memory filled day and make lots more!

  6. Mom has a buncha stuffed animals too but they are corralled into two places. Know what she cannot throw out? Living healthy plants. ONE time she did back in the 70’s, and within 1 minutes she was out there rescuing it from where she’d tossed it. They are living, they are proven to react to injury…how can you do that to them…and yet, she closes her eyes to eating them.

    • I usually can’t throw out healthy plants either, but I did recently get rid of a fake shamrock because they are poisonous to cats so I didn’t want it in the house. XO

  7. Love your fill-in answers. I didn’t even thing about driving, but since I drive all the time I guess I don’t notice. There are a lot of stupid people driving though.

    Aw on Angel Stinky. They are all so precious and we miss them so when they leave us.

    Thank you for co-hosting the Friendly Fill-ins.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend to all the kitties. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  8. Driving on a highway makes me nervous too mainly because of nuts on the road. However, flying makes me even more nervous. I agree with no clutter and stuffed animals. We live in an apartment, with a fireplace (love it), however, we would like to move to a smaller town north of where we are. Happy Friday!

  9. What an adorable Tin Man he made. ~grin~ I have a thing about stuffed animals, too. But after I did get rid of some, my husband was disappointed and periodically reminds me, making me feel bad. Go figure.

  10. Whoa! That’s a scary Frankenstein! TW can’t bring herself to throw anything out. Her de-cluttering lasted 1 1/2 shelves. MOL! Stuffies have lots of dust mites and stuff. When TW toured, her friend hated driving over bridges and in tunnels. She just abut used to close her eyes.

  11. I can’t get rid of stuffies either, especially tiny bears that are made to look vintage. I don’t mind driving on the highway but I hate driving around town… especially here with 90-95 yo peeps that can’t hear or see. Tons of accidents here. Angel Stinky was a good kitty to wear the tin man’s hat… gorgeous cat.
    My Fill-Ins…
    1. Going to the doctor, ANY doctor except my dentist makes me nervous.
    2. I should get rid of my riding boots but I can’t because… hope.
    3. My ideal home would include thoughtful and kind neighbors that are QUIET!
    4. You would not find a television in my ideal home.
    Thanks for letting me do the Fill-Ins here, Ellen.

    • I would rather work around the oldsters than the highway. Thank you for sharing your answers here, I enjoyed them. I hope you get to ride again soon. I couldn’t live without a tv, I like my comedies. XO

  12. I don’t like driving on the highway either! I always take back roads whenever I can. Our area is growing a lot and the traffic on our interstates gets heavier and heavier; it makes me a nervous wreck.
    When I was younger I drove home from college in PA through NYC and all that – no way would I do that now!!

  13. Stinky looks adorable. That Frankenstein’s Monster is scary. I would think, if I was decluttering your house, that would be the first thing go. Ditto on stuffed animals for me, and I really need to get rid of old cat toys as well. Shhh, don’t tell the gang I said that. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  14. I just saw that you are a Cat Scout. That is very commendable!

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  15. Those are some great flashbacks and your answers are right up Dads alley. He has been sorting and carting tons of stuff to Goodwill of late but no Cat items. Those he keeps close
    Now lets see about out answers
    1. Rumpy makes me nervous. He makes us all nervous as his steroids make him a bit unpredictable and he will charge, hard, out of the blue
    2. I should get rid of my old nippy pillow, but I can’t because I am attached.
    3. My ideal home would include a Cat Room and a Cat Fence. Wait! We have the room and the fence is going up! Wheeee
    4. You would not find Rumpy in my ideal home. See number 1

  16. Great fill-ins.
    We are slowly working on decluttering. Room by room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer, it’s all getting donated or thrown away. We’re approaching retirement and decided it was time to get rid of all the stuff from our younger years. Only the most useful or sentimental things stayed. It has been liberating to have an empty drawer or two!

  17. Ellen,

    I can relate to driving on the highway. There are a lot of crazy drivers on the road but that being said IF I have to then I will do it. It’s just not my favorite thing to do. I prefer DH to chauffeur me around. 🙂 My dream home would include my very own home office where I can escape to work on my blog or doodle or craft or whatever! I’d also love to have either a screened in porch or sunroom. I’m undecided which I’d like. Maybe if I go with a sunroom, it can have nice storm windows that easily open up with a screen to allow breezes to pass through not bugs. 🙂 Our house hunt continues but it’s an elimination process that takes time and a whole of patience. I’m hoping someday when we move to be clutter free. We’ll just see. 😉

  18. I am just like you and can’t bring myself to part with things that have eyes or that are in any way cute and fuzzy. That of course includes stuffed animals. I didn’t think of putting a fireplace for my #3, but that would be lovely. That being said, especially after one of my neighbor’s houses burned following a fire caused by the fireplace, I don’t think I’d want a real fireplace. These days, though, there are fake fireplaces that give off heat and everything, but that do not involve real fire. I’d love one of those. Of course, I’d also love to catify my house! What a purrfect Halloween model angel Stinky was!

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