Flip or Flop’s Christina is a Cat Hater

Hi everyone! Penny is letting me steal her day so I can have a rant.

Really, I am. This is important.

I have been watching Flip or Flop for years. I am not sure why though because I don’t like their modern designs. I also find Christina very shallow and full of herself. Despite that, I kept watching. A few seasons back she made derogatory comments about cats when they bough a flip that cats had lived in. It annoyed me, but I got over it. Well, this past week’s episode, season 8 , episode 3 really ticked me off.

Christina showed up with bug spray and a fake hazmat suit. She said in a snotty voice how much she hates houses that have a cat tree because she knows they will be  full of fur and fleas. Her hatred of cats really showed. I realize some people with cats do not take good care of them, but it is not the fault of the cat, it is the human’s fault.

Cats already get a bad rap. Many apartments don’t allow cats. I think it is irresponsible of this little snot face to promote that cats are not good for homes. I wrote to HGTV and got an automatic response that my letter would go to the right place, but they can’t answer everyone. I am begging all you cat lovers to do the same to let them know this is unacceptable.  This is a link to the comment form. Click here.

If you are going to still watch the show, could you please DVR it and not watch it for 4 days. That way the Nielsen ratings won’t count for it. I hope others are as angry about this as I am. I tend to overreact when I am passionate about something.

And one more thing. The winner of our Black Cat Appreciation Day is Toby of Timmy Tomcat’s blog. Congratulations! ( sorry, Noel is not included)



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  1. Oh awnty Ellen, you are NOT overreacting, and we’re purroud of you. We are so purroud to call you awnty. We’re gonna have mommy let these peeps know how disrespectful this lady has been. You’re totally right, and this is somethin’ as renters we battle offen. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  2. We don’t know what Flip or Flop even IS, but we are outraged on your behalf. What irritating and ignorant and pathetic excuses for Human beings they are! Hissssssss!

  3. Ohm that is not so good for none who loves kitties, I would have been offended too, if i had seen that show. I hardly ever watch it, I think that show somehow promotes the ‘gotta have it’ nature that permeates a lot of society today.
    Now I have more reason not to. I wonder what she thinks of dogs??

  4. I don’t watch that program (we don’t have cable) but there is no excuse for someone to be totally RUDE about cats. I bet she’s never mentioned anything about dogs ripping up wallboard and doors or ruining floors. These behaviors are all things that the pets’ humans should be addressing and not blaming the animals for – you are RIGHT about that!!!!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. Watched that show one time long ago and never watched it again. I had an instant dislike for them both. Ugh. Doesn’t surprise me about what you have said here and I am angry like you. Supporting you on this issue!

  6. That is an awful thing. I am surprised that the producers and the sponsors too, would allow that. It alienates viewers as you just demonstrated. I would also be alienated if I had seen that; and I would be write quite a letter both to the sponsor, and the show if I could get an address either snail or email.

    I don’t watch it as that sort of programming leaves me cold. Now I’m glad I don’t.

    1. All I could find was the form that I put a link for- they probably do it on purpose because they don’t want complaints. XO

  7. The mom says the worst thing about Flip or Flop is Christina. She’s never liked her. All she does is whine whine whine. And then HGTV gave her her own show. What are they thinking??? We hope it Flops.

    1. Thank you for doing that- the more complaints they get, the better. And hopefully they will stop doing this.

  8. I feel any TV show where there is an attitude of disrespect toward animals and/or humans is not appropriate and breeds more hatred. I don’t watch this show and now I never will.

    We live in an apartment complex that allows pets and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  9. I don’t have television, just Netflix and Amazon Prime, so I’ve not seen this show. I wouldn’t watch it either. How can you not love kitties.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches to all your sweet kitties. ♥

  10. Thanks for the head’s up about the show. Probably if she had a thing against dogs they wouldn’t have even let her do such a thing.

  11. I’ll do it! I stopped watching that show years ago, ’cause we don’t get cable, and I was weirded out by the fact that they divorced but still had the show. In addition, I watched a “Big Bag Theory” yesterday, which treated cats kindly, but mindlessly, and I was upset too. I’ll write letters to both shows!

    1. I saw that episode and it was awful at the end when they were giving the cats away. I never wrote because I saw it years after it was made.

  12. I’ve never watched and sure never will now. What a B. Grrr…

    Sammy’s penchant for corn cracks me up. And Trouble as a woodchuck is too cute.

  13. I never really liked Christina on Flip or Flop. Yes, I have the same impression she is shallow and superficial. One can tell a lot about a person by how they view pets and animals in general. She’s shown her true colors. I agree with all your courses of action. I don’t watch the show anymore. Sure, there are pet owners who allow bad behavior and don’t take care of pets well, but I don’t believe that is the norm. Our kitty is “fully loaded” (all her claws), has never shredded anything in the house, and has never had fleas!!

  14. Who hates cats? Cats benefit people a lot. To bad she doesn’t like cats. Wait until one rubs against her. Maybe, just maybe she’ll change her mind. We love cats!!

  15. We watched that show too for a little, but never saw the cat ones. We are glad we missed them, we would be mad too. Thanks for the share. Congrats to Toby for winning. Have a wonderful day.

    1. This was the most recent episode and I forgot what season the other one was that annoyed me. I hope you had a wonderful day too.

  16. If all she is worried about is “fur and fleas” she REALLY has no idea about living with cats ! And what’s with the bug spray ? Sounds like a ding-a-ling to us.
    Our human was a big supporter of Audobon, til they started on their crusade that cats were killing off all the birds and needed to be eliminated . Really ? Are cats bulldozing down the trees and draining the wetlands?

  17. Oh Boy Ellen you read my mind on that show. I’ve never watched it mainly because the trailers for it told me all I wanted to know. Didn’t like the host/hostess.
    My hubby used to watch the car show her new husband’s hosted now he won’t watch it because.
    Hugs Cecilia

  18. We don’t watch that show because of her and now we’ll never watch that show because of her! We can’t believe she got away with doing that and they actually aired it!

  19. Another reason not to have cable, is what we say! We would not only stop watching but boycott the show’s sponsors. Where did all these morons come from, anyway??

  20. I never would watch that show, never liked her or her ex-husband either. They both seemed narcissistic and annoying! I was happy when they split up because I thought it would mean the show was done and I never would flip to HGTV and see it still going – I can’t believe it is!! Now I know I’m justified in feeling the way I do!

    1. And to top it off they gave her a show of her own in addition to keeping Flip or Flop.

  21. We do not watch the show (Mom thinks all the makeover people are more interested in their own ideas than the people who own the homes), but we would like to say we support you. We do not have fleas and trees can be easily cleaned (or removed gracefully). Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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