Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.I am thankful that I got a new sewing machine for Christmas so I can make catnip mats.

Emmy is posing with the Dr. Seuss catnip mat I just made. We are having a giveaway -the winner will receive the catnip mat, 3 fish toys and the hat that Emmy is modeling (sorry, Emmy is not included). We can only offer this to US residents because of the cost of shipping-sorry.To enter, just leave a comment on this post by Saturday 9PM  (EST). Winner will be announced on Sunday. Hopefully the prize will arrive to the winner in time for Dr. Seuss Day on March 2nd.

Here is my poem for Sammy’s Poetry Day based on this photo prompt:

Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), “First Signs of Spring,” 1947. Oil on canvas, 22″ x 17″. Cover illustration for “The Saturday Evening Post,” March 22, 1947. Norman Rockwell Museum Collections, gift of Ginny Severinghaus in memory of Nelson “Ben” Severinghaus. ©SEPS: Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN.

You reap what you sow,
if it is grass, you’ll have to mow.
Wait until after the last freeze
to plant your peas.
And if you want your greens,
plant spinach and beans.
now the most important we must address
it to be sure to plant seeds of kindness.

Here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. Mom came up with the first two and our co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with second two.

1. I believe ____________.
2. I need to go Marie Kondo* on my _________________________.
3. It does no good to _________.

4. I find _________ to be a walk in the park.
*If you are not familiar with Marie Kondo, it basically means. what do you need to declutter.
We are also joining XMAS Dolly’s Show Off Tuesday ! Giveaways– you should check it out, there are links to several giveaways.



74 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Great poem!! What your readers may not know is that your hubby is a “gardener extraordinaire” with a true green thumb and if anyone knows gardens – it’s HIM. I bet he’s already working on this year’s garden plan. Just like you are working on keeping your sewing machine busy with lots of FUN STUFF! Thanks for being in our poetry fun every week!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. Oh Mom Ellen, I was playing with my ice cream cone just yesterday when the Sticky Person was here. At least he leaves my food alone now. You look adorable in your hat! Looks like you and I are fellow Tuxies! XX

  3. Although I think Emmy looks cute in the hat
    I’ve really got my eye on the mat
    I do think she’s an adorable cat
    I don’t know what my cats would think about that
    I like the mat the mat is cute
    I do like the character Groot
    this is my attempt to rhyme
    now you know why i don’t do it all the time

    LOL have a good day

  4. Emmy is a good poser.

    Way to go on the giveaway.

    I love your poem. Very well done.

    I’m all ready for Friendly Fill-ins.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your peeps. ♥

  5. Catnip mats…genius! Emmy, I love your hat. I should probably try and put together a post for Dr. Seuss Day because I simply love his writing. Your poem is wonderful and such a timely reminder in more ways that one. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  6. emmy…yur hat N de mat iz total lee wear itz at…best fishez two everee one in de contest…what a grate give a way !!! 🙂 ♥♥

  7. That is a lovely mat, and Emmy is cute posing with it.
    I have a Thankful Thursday too! I can see all 24 comments for the first time in months. The other day when I could see 3 I hoped it was working for me again, but it was a one off and my own comment didn’t show until the next day. I also couldn’t see anybody else’s comments until the next day.
    I am excited!!! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I don’t think we’d be friends either being that she doesbn’t speak English and I don’t speak her language 🙂

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