Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone. We want to give our condolences to the families of two kitties that recently went to The Rainbow Bridge.

Feline Cafe said goodbye to beautiful Marigold last week.

  To visit, click here.

And Wishes, Dreams and Other Things unexpectedly lost their handsome boy, Ghost.

To visit, click here.

Sorry we are so wordy today, but Emmy wants to join her friend, Stunning Keisha with 12 Stunningly Amazing Facts.

Where would you like to visit but never live? I would love to visit Spitty. I have a crush on him. Please don’t tell him.

What song always makes you happy? Soft Kitty.

What’s one thing that makes the world go round?  When mom makes me my own hanguger. She always forgets the cheese though.:(

What do you think should be illegal that isn’t?  Dumping cats. I was dumped 2 years ago.

What kind of advice do you not want?  Beauty advice. I am already gorgeous.

What wouldn’t you buy even if you won the lottery? A dog.

What are a few words of wisdom that you live by? Never harm the humans that feed you. Don’t be afraid to raise your paw to other cats though.

What causes the most stress in your life.Mom giving me my heart pill twice a day.

What’s something you need to hear more often? Emmy, I made you a hanguger. I only hear that once a week, daily would be better.

What’s something you need to say more often? I love you Mom and Dad.

If you could choose anyone, who would be choose as your life’s mentor?  I am my own hero.

What would be the title of the autobiography of your life? I Am Not a Skunk. Actually, that is the name of the book mom is writing about me.

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84 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. So sorry you lost a couple of your friends dear Emmy. I wanna know what a hanguger is too – sounds good and I may need to start asking for one myself!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. I put both kitties that passed into my Angel post on my navigation bar. Thanks for making that easy for me.

    I love your answers. You’re most wise.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Wordless Wednesday. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the losses. That is so sad. My sympathy to their loved ones xo

    The answers were fun! I laughed out loud about not getting a dog with a lottery win 🙂

  4. Daisy Mae And I didn’t know Ghost but we knew Marigold. Either way we are sorry to see them go to the Rainbow Bridge. Our furfriends are our friends and family.

  5. Emmy, I have never been so gobsmacked! (And no one told–I came here all by my lonesome and just SAW this.) I wish you would just teleport over here to spend the day with Yours Truly….do you think your Mom would let you? You could definitely share my new heaty pad. It’s sooooooo warm! XOXOXOXO

    • I would love to go visit you. My mom won’t let me though- sorry. You are welcome to visit us though, you may want to wait til it warms up because you are used to warmer weather. XO

  6. Emmy (Ellen)

    I don’t think we can ever say ‘I love you, Mom & Dad’ enough. I hope you say it ten million times a day. You’ll be happy that you did and your mom & dad will be happy to hear it. You are gorgeous, why do you need beauty tips or are you just being sarcastic? 🙂 Thanks for joining me on not-so-WW and I enjoyed reading these little factoids – fun!

  7. My heart goes out to those who lost their fur babies. They leave us entirely too early. Emmy, your stunning facts made me smile. Hope you and mom are staying warm and cuddling a lot today.

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